Zombie Dice Game Review

Zombie Dice

One of the tough things about writing the Zombie Dice Game Review is knowing that most people won’t bother reading it. After all, it’s a dice game, the kind you keep in your backpack or purse because you got it as a stocking stuffer from a friend who knows you like Zombie Movies. Hardly a reason to invest time in a review, but still, since you are here… you can learn why I really like Zombie Dice (and even learn to play). While Zombie Dice is not a complicated game, and it doesn’t take very long to play, but, if you are in a restaurant with a bunch of hungry people waiting for food to arrive at the table, this might be just the game to take the edge off the hunger.

After all…. Points are collected for every brain you eat!

How to Play Zombie Dice

As I said, Zombie dice is simple. Roll the dice, count the brains, count the shotgun blasts. Not exactly complicated.

However, there is a modicum of strategy….

On your turn, you pick 3 dice out of the dice cup (no peeking) and roll them. Save the brains to one pile (they are points), save the shotgun blasts to another.  You can re-roll the footsteps (the ones that got away).

Keep re-rolling and adding up brains as long as you can.

But… and there is always a “but”….. once you’ve rolled three shotgun blasts, all of the brains you rolled go away. The key is to roll brains, but STOP rolling before you roll that third blast.

Naturally, rolling is mostly random. Just mostly. The dice are different colors… red, yellow and green… for a reason. The red dice are more likely to give you blasts, while the green are more likely to roll up brains. But remember… you pull the dice from the cup at random.

how to play zombie dice

Three Brains in the bank, two shotgun blasts
and a decent roll….

Who can Play Zombie Dice

Anyone who can roll dice and count to 13 can play this game. Really, the very young may not understand, but it is rather simple to pick up.

Know this About Zombie Dice

The game comes with the dice, and the rules. You need to supply paper and pen/pencil for keeping score (not that big a deal for me, I always steal those little note pads from hotels for just that purpose, but not everyone has paper on their person).

Zombie Dice may not require tons of strategy, but it is a great “break the ice” or “kill time” game to keep tucked in your bag.

Zombie Dice

Looking for Other Zombie Dice Games

They are addictive….

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