Sutakku Game- The Game of Japanese Dice Stacking

sutakku game


This month’s Board Game Bento box arrived with the Sutakku Game This engaging Japanese Dice Stacking game looks elegant; the Ivory Dice have an old fashioned appeal. And the simplicity of the game means that you can draw in new players without them feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by rules. Added bonus, it qualifies for my “fits in my purse game” list. (Note– Those of you who have read my reviews know that I am seldom without a game in my purse… I absolutely LOATH sitting at a table with people who are all staring at their phones. If we are together around a table, any table,  a game is coming out!)  So…why do YOU need to add the Sutakku Game to your game collection?

Mostly, because it’s fun.

Satakku Game

Everything you need to play packs up into a small (included) bag. Dice, “game board”, challenge cards and even a few score sheets. Well… except for a pen, but there’s usually one of those in my purse anyway. The 12 dice are slightly larger than standard 6 sided dice, and each side has a Japanese character representing the numbers 1- 6. (Now, before you panic… the tiny game board shows the images and translates into western numbers). Also included is a score pad… well laid out to include scores and bonuses.

How to Play Satakku

sutakku game

The basic Satakku Game is straightforward… a player pulls 3 dice out of the bag and rolls them.

You must stack at least 2 of the dice from lowest to highest number. So… if you roll a 2, 3 and 5… you would stack the 3 on top of the 2, and discard the 5. If you choose to roll again, your next roll would have to have 2 dice that are equal to or greater than 3. (for example… a roll of 2, 3 and 5 means that you could stack the 3 and 5, but discard the 2)  If you don’t have 2 dice that meet these qualifications… you bust.

Players may roll until they want to stop… pushing their luck along the way. That’s where things get interesting.

Since scores are calculated by multiplying the number on the top die by the number of dice in your stack, you want to go high, with low numbers. But that’s not always easy or possible. Still… there are some daredevils in my world who push the envelope. &


Satakku Bonus Points

While the basic game is straightforward, there are some twists that help to increase points and difficulty.

If the top die in your pile is a 5. Common sense says to stop. HOWEVER… if you take the chance, roll 3 dice, and 2 of them are 5 and above… you get 50 bonus points. Tricky, but possible…

If the top die in your pile is a 6 and you choose to roll again (be prepared for a lot of Whooooaaaa’s) and you are successful in your roll (at least two 6’s) you pick up 100 extra points.

Finally, the Stonecutter’s Folly. If you manage to stack all 12 dice… you get 200 extra points. And should probably consider a trip to Las Vegas.

Satakku Variations

Challenge Cards

Included with the dice is a set of cards. Each card describes a challenge that your opposing player must meet on their turn for the points to count. For example “Player must roll a double, or the points don’t count” “Force the player to make an additional roll after they stop”. These cards are why my older daughter (the deeply competitive one who loves to stab her family and fellow players in the back) enjoys this game so much. If you choose to use the cards in play, begin the draw with the first player… and thereafter, anyone who “busts” gets to choose one. Play them against your opponent at the beginning of a turn.

Stacking Rule

We agreed on a “House Rule” when we started playing, if your stack falls over on your turn, you bust. Now… this doesn’t mean that players get to nudge or tip the table. It does encourage neat stacking of dice (something my little OCD heart just loves).

Who can Play the Sutakku Game?

The box says that the game is for age 14 and up… my younger daughter almost fell over laughing when she read that. Honestly, if your child can roll a die and match up a picture (for symbol recognition), then this game is ok. The scoring requires some math… nothing more complicated than 5 times 6….and 24 plus 40. There is some fine motor involved in stacking dice.. but if you play without the Stacking rule, that’s not an issue.

The game can be played by 1 or more players (so, for you solo players…). I find that 2- 6 people is best. More then that, and it takes too long for your turn to come back around.

Where Can You Buy the Sutakku Game?

Find Sutakku Japanese Stacking Dice Game on Amazon!



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sutakku game

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