2014 Dice Tower Award Winning Board Games

game of the yearThe Dice Tower… a fantastic board game review site… has just revealed their 2014 Board Game Award Winners!

Great Choices!!! With a long summer ahead of us, I’m ready to stock up our Game Cabinet with a few of these games. I’m intrigued by Abyss… and since Dead of Winter- Crossroads Game won THREE  awards, including Best Game of the Year (and cooperative game, perfect for our family) I will be picking them up.

Take a look at this great list of games.


Best Game of the Year
Best Cooperative Game of the Year

Best Game Themeing!

Dead of Winter Crossroads Game

Does leading a band of survivors through a post-apocalyptic world appeal to you? Do you enjoy co-operative games, but also want to actually come out the overall winner? Then Dead of Winter- A Crossroads Game is for you. Great news, it’s the first of a series, so we can look forward to more!!


Best Game Components

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Naturally, the fate of the Galaxy is at stake in this tactical combat and adventure game. With two different play experiences, combat and skirmish, and a few different play environments, this game won’t get old fast. And the figures are fabulous!

Best Family Game


Splendor is an addictive game of card development and chip playing. Players are merchants of the Renaissance trying to buy gem mines, means of transportation, shops — all in order to acquire the most prestige points. As a wealthy Renaissance merchant, you want to create the most fantastic jewelry to become the best-known merchant of them all! You might even receive a visit from a noble if you are wealthy enough, which will increase your prestige.


Best Game Artwork


abyss board game

In Abyss, each player is fighting to be the lord of an undersea kingdom. It’s a set collection game where points are collected through cards. Collect the right ally cards, and you can control the Kingdom… but beware of your foes who are creating chaos to stop you. The artwork for this game is absolutely STUNNING. It’s a good introductory game … around the level or Dominion or Settlers… but has enough strategy for advanced gamers.

Best Game Expansion

Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture Board Game

In the basic Viticulture game, you have inherited a vineyard in Tuscany. Your job is to allocate your workers and helpful visitors to complete seasonal tasks throughout the year. Competition over those tasks means the first worker to arrive at each one has an advantage over the rest. Using those workers and visitors, you can expand your vineyard by building structures, planting vines, and filling wine orders as you work towards the goal of owning the most successful winery in Tuscany.
Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture Board Game significantly expands the basic game with a tiered system.


Best Game Reprint

Ticket To Ride 10th Anniversary

What makes Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary special? Everyone’s favorite train game gets an update with a new oversized map, great new graphics, train tins to store the trains, and remodeled trains that are more reminiscent of the original trains of 1910. If you are a Ticket to Ride fan, this is a must get!

Best New Designer

Alchemists by Matúš Kotry 

Alchemists is a game of strategy, risk assessment, and deduction. Do you experiment to get more knowledge or do you publish now to get more points? The choices you make will prove whether you are the world’s greatest alchemist.

Best Party Game


SPYFALL is a simple card game of bluffing, asking questions, giving answers, and suspicion. At the start of each round, players receive a secret card informing them of the group’s location, one of 30 possible…  except that one player receives the SPY card instead of the location. The Spy doesn’t know where they are, but wins the round if they can figure it out before they blow their cover!


Best Small Publisher

Star Realms

by White Wizard Games

Star Realms is a 2 player combat deck building game by the guys who brought you Magic the Gathering. Expansions are available to make it a multiplayer game.

Most Innovative Game

Tragedy Looper


Deduction and Time Travel are at the heart of Tragedy Looper. A Mastermind sees what is happening on the board, while Protagonists can only see pieces at a time… then try to deduct what events to change in order to prevent tragedy from happening to one of them.
This is a highly intense brain power game.

And there you have it…

the Dice Tower list of Award Winning Board Games for 2014.

And a whole summer to play….

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