Cthulhu Dice Game Review

cthulhu dice game reviewCthulhu Dice

While working on my Cthulhu Dice Game Review, I kept wishing that I could make this game sound really exciting…. after all, it is a game about everyone’s favorite monstrous undersea entity. But…  it’s just a simple dice game, and explosions are at a minimum (Ok, non-existent, unless of course your playing companions are sore losers).

As you all may have noticed by now, I have a serious liking for any game I can carry around in my pocket or purse. This way, at a moment’s notice, I can whip out some entertainment that doesn’t involve a phone! Cthulhu Dice fits very nicely into the “pocket game” category… with the added bonus, the object is to drive your fellow players insane.

So all is not lost.

For those of you unfamiliar with HP Lovecraft’s deep sea monster, Cthulhu first appeared in the pages of Weird Tales (a Pulp Magazine). These were seriously creepy stories about gods, demons and madness. Perfect for under-the-covers-with-a –flashlight reading. Today, Cthulhu seems to have taken on a cult status (I blame South Park).

Cthulhu Dice is a fun (umm… fun may be the wrong word) offshoot of that popularity.

 cthulhu dice game reviewWhat Do You Get with Cthulhu Dice?

The game comes with a fancy 12 sided die, and sanity marbles (as you lose them, you really do lose your marbles…rimshot!). What doesn’t come with the game is a decent bag to carry the game around in. How much more could a drawstring bag have cost to produce? I store mine in a little plastic jar.

How to Play Cthulhu Dice

Each player gets an equal number of sanity marbles. Chose a Victim  for your turn, and roll the Die. Different symbols result in different actions….

Yellow Sign– Victim loses one sanity marble to Cthulhu (the middle of the table)

Tentacle– you take one sanity marble from your victim

Elder Sign– Cthulhu GIVES you back a sanity marble

Cthulhu- EVERYONE loses one marble

Eye– You get to choose the result


Winner is the one with any sanity left in the end.

Cthulhu Dice Game Review

Cthulhu dice game review

I store my Cthulhu Dice in a small plastic jar- not included

Cthulhu Dice Game could not be any easier. Roll the die, and do what the symbol tells you. After a round, you won’t even need the handy guide. Anyone old enough to recognize an eye or a tentacle… or know better than to eat the sanity marbles… can play this game.

The game is quick, and changes a bit if more people are playing. With only 2, obviously you are constantly picking on the same person… with more, you can gang up on the weakest member of your family (thus escalating the need for professional intervention…. but hey, what else is family for?)

Overall… this is one of those games that won’t break the bank, is easy to carry around with you, is a quick time filler… and can be a lot of fun! (If you think fun is rolling dice and driving people insane. )

Where to Buy Cthulhu Dice

Cthulhu Dice


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