Category: Two Player Games

There are some great games for 2 people, which is wonderful, because I love games … I really do… and sometimes (thankfully) I’m not surrounded by a crowd.

Strategy games like Gobblet, Chess, Cathedral World, Backgammon, and Pentago. Games that require logic like Mastermind. Plus a few other games that are just plain fun, like Pick Up Sticks.

There are so many great games to play when it’s just two….me and you…. We can talk and play at the same time. I’ve even been known to take these into a restaurant to play with a companion while waiting for food to arrive.

Take a look at this group of games… all are Great Games for Two People.

Pentago 0


The basic idea of Pentago is simple… All you have to do is get 5 marbles in a row. However, Pentago is a fun, exciting, involves planning and strategy. Sure, this game seems simple… get...


Castellan Board Game

Castellan I found the Castellan Board Game,  while lurking in the Game Store this weekend. Castellan is a (primarily) two-player game, designed by Steve Jackson, where you are in charge of building and securing...

Mastermind game reviews 0

Mastermind Game Reviews

Mastermind Game — The Strategy Game of Codemaker vs. Codebreaker — Can You Crack the Code? I was one of those odd kids who loved logic puzzles and code breaking, so the game Mastermind...

Connect Four Game Instructions 1

Connect Four Game Instructions

Connect 4 Game Do you need Connect Four Game instructions? Think of Connect Four as a vertical version of Tic Tac Toe. “How is that fun?”, you ask…. Well, let me tell you. It...

Pathfinder Tracking Game 0

Pathfinder Tracking Game

Pathfinder: Two Player Tracking Game Can you work your way through a maze faster than your opponent? Pathfinder, the Two Player Tracking Game, is perfect for anyone who enjoys building or traveling through mazes....