Patchwork Game Review

patchwork game review

Patchwork game reviewPatchwork Board Game

As someone who does sew, I wondered how a game about Quilting could be fun for everyone. But as you will see in my Patchwork Game Review, you don’t need to know how to thread a needle to enjoy this shape fitting game. This fun little game by Uwe Rosenberg (of Agricola fame) is a light 2 player game, perfect for people of all ages.

Patchwork Game Review

Patchwork is game for two players that takes about 20 – 30 minutes to play (depending on how quickly you move). You work to fit as many shapes as you can onto your board to complete a “quilt” project… but the auction component means that it isn’t always easy to get the right pieces. Pieces are valued in buttons, the game’s currency. Also, you are working against time… the more complicated the piece, the more time it costs you. When time runs out… you can’t add any more pieces, and empty space counts against you.

The game is simple to learn… we picked it up in just a few minutes. The tricky thing is developing strategy. In the beginning, players will focus on their own boards: gathering pieces, earning buttons and completing their project. Later, you learn that you can also mess up your opponent by purposely taking (or leaving) pieces on the table that will wreck their day.

I consider the Patchwork game to be a nice filler. It doesn’t take long to play, and it’s not too mentally taxing. My mother LOVES the game (she’s a puzzler by nature) and will play it with her friends and grandkids. Luckily, the box is small enough so we can easily take it along when we travel.

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What’s In the Patchwork Board Game Box

The Patchwork Board Game comes in a smallish (8″ x 8″) box. Inside are 2 Player boards covered with a grid, a two sided scoreboard, two wooden player markers, a wooden place holder, a lot of buttons, and a load of Quilt pieces. The components are decently made, and will hold up to handling and play. And I always appreciate wooden pieces in my games! And, of course, instructions.



Patchwork game review

Quilt Pieces, player grids, buttons, and scoring markers

How to Play Patchwork Board Game

Begin the game by placing all of the Quilt pieces in a circle on the table. This is the only “down-side” of the game… you need space! Find the piece that is only 2 squares, and put the Wooden place holder next to it.

Give each player a grid board… and put the scoreboard in the center of the table. The player markers go in the starting square. (Note! The scoreboard is two sided… use whichever side you prefer! I notice that the spiral side is easier to follow than the square side… but that’s just me) Each player gets 3 buttons to start.

Starting at the White place holder, the first player may choose from one of the next 3 game pieces to buy for their game board. Each piece is labeled with a cost in buttons and Time. When you take the piece, you immediately move the white place holder to the spot the piece occupied. Pay the cost in buttons. Then place the purchased piece on your grid board. Now… move your counter forward the number of spaces indicated by the timer.

patchwork game review

The 3 Pieces to the left of the White marker are eligible for purchase. It’s good to buy pieces with BUTTONS on them… buttons are currency… but those pieces cost more.

For example- This piece costs 2 buttons and 1 time. You pay 2 buttons, and move your marker forward 1 space.

patchwork game review

Cost 2 Buttons and 1 Time unit

Go back and forth, collecting pieces and creating your Quilt.

Pieces with Buttons on them are more valuable, because they will increase your button wealth! Whenever you cross a button on the score board, you count the number of buttons on your pieces, and pay yourself that much. The pieces with buttons cost more, but the more buttons you have, the more you can buy…. Ultimately, the person with the most buttons in the end wins.

Also…. taking turns is not the traditional “you go then I go”. The player who is further behind on the track has the next turn. SOOOO… if someone gets ahead, it’s possible that the other player can have 2 or more turns before catching up.

Crossing over buttons gets you buttons…and the first person to cross over the little one by one patches gets to use them as fillers!

patchwork game review

Patches come in lots of shapes and sizes… with different costs. The best have scoring buttons!

Scoring Patchwork

When you get to the center of the scoreboard, you are done. No more buying. Count up the number of empty squares you have left on the board…. each is -2 points.
Now count how many buttons you have… both in your stash and on your project board.

Subtract the empty points from the positive.

The winner is the player with the most points.

Who can Play the Patchwork Board Game

According to the manufacturer, it’s for ages 8 to 15. To me, that’s kind of absurd. I fully believe that younger children can play this shape fitting game…. and I know it’s great for people who are older than 15. It’s a great game for people who love puzzles or shape fitting games. The “patchwork quilt motif” makes it look nice.

Where can You Buy the Patchwork Board Game?

Patchwork game ReviewPatchwork Board Game



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  1. This game looks really fun. I am an avid board game player so this will go on my list of games to try in the very near future.

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