Master Labyrinth Family Game

master labyrinth family gameRavensburger Master Labyrinth – Family Game

The Master Labyrinth family game is one of those board games that is easy to teach, easy to learn, and a bit tricky to totally master. Don’t let that discourage you! Your family and friends can be playing Master Labyrinth five minutes after you get it out of the box…. and before you know it, you too will be a maze master!

Master Labyrinth is a magical game. Each Magician (player) is tasked with finding ingredients hidden in the Labyrinth! The game is played by moving/sliding tiles with labyrinth segments on them around a board opening up ways that allow your pawn to retrieve ingredients (numbered disks). Sliding these pieces opens and closes pathways, making it possible to move… or block your opponents. Players must collect the disks (ingredients) in numerical order, and the player who collects the most points wins.

Master Labyrinth Instructions

The game comes with a board that has some tiles already glued to it (the glued ones are place holders). You randomly place the rest of the tiles (except one) on the remaining spaces . Then the numbered disks (ingredients) are laid out on the labyrinth tiles. Players start their pawns on specific sites.

Each player is then given a formula card with 3 numbers (ingredients) on it. You should probably keep these numbers secret, since you get bonus points for each of these numbers that you collect.



Finally, each player is given 3 magic wands (well…little sticks). You can use these wands at any time to give yourself an extra turn. But you only get three…. If you choose not to use them, they are worth 3 extra points at the end of the game. Sometimes you have to balance… is it better to collect a disk? Or save the wands for points?

On your turn, you take the extra labyrinth tile piece, and slide it in from any marked space along the edge. All of the pieces in that row will move too. What you want to do is open up a route to get to the next number disk. So, if number 3 was just collected, you need a route to number 4.

Keep going until all the numbered disks have been gathered. The last one is number 25… the rest are 1-20…

Scoring Master Labyrinth Family Game

You might want to pull out a calculator…..
Every disk you collect is worth the number on that disk (ie. disk 12 is worth 12 points, disk 17 is worth 17 points.)
Every disk that you collect that is on your formula card is worth an extra 20 points.
Every unused wand is worth 3 points

master labyrinth family game

The score here is-
57 for disks, an extra 40 for the potion card, No wands
=97 points

Add it all up… the player with the highest total wins.

(NOTE- For easier calculation, we have a house rule that goes like this… Every disk is worth one point.. you get 5 points for each disk on the formula card, and 3 for the remaining wand.)

What Makes Master Labyrinth Interesting?

The board for Master Labyrinth is always moving and changing. Pieces slide in and out, making paths and closing disks off. It really helps to be able to see the boards possibilities. Does that make sense? A bit like chess… knowing several moves in advance… or what could happen several moves in advance… can help in tracking down those disks.

Sadly, I am generally best at seeing what’s right in front of me… HOWEVER… the more you play, the clearer it becomes.

As with all Ravensburger games, the pieces are all high quality, and will hold up to years of play.

Who can Play Master Labyrinth?

The box says ages 10 and up can play Master Labyrinth… but I feel like a younger child, as young as 8 could manage just fine. Maybe use our house rules for scoring to keep it simpler. The Game is for 2- 4 people, and takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour… depending on how hard everyone is thinking.

2 Different Master Labyrinth Games?

Clearing up Some Confusion

This review is based on the original Master Labyrinth Game. There is another edition of this game that has a dragon in the center hoarding gold. I think the play is similar, but I haven’t actually played it.


Ravensburger Master Labyrinth - Family GameRavensburger Master Labyrinth – Family GameMaster Labyrinth - Race for Magic in a Shifting MazeMaster Labyrinth – Race for Magic in a Shifting Maze


Master Labyrinth- The Dragon Edition


Ravensburger Master Labyrinth - Family GameRavensburger Master Labyrinth – Family Game




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