Connect Four Game Instructions

Connect Four Game InstructionsConnect 4 Game

Do you need Connect Four Game instructions? Think of Connect Four as a vertical version of Tic Tac Toe. “How is that fun?”, you ask…. Well, let me tell you. It just is. Setting up patterns, blocking your opponent, and a loud crash at the end? FUN!

Connect Four Game Instructions

Each person gets one color of the checkers-like disks (I think they must have taken them from old checkers sets). Set up the horizontal rack by attaching the sides. Be sure that the latch on the bottom is closed (otherwise the checkers will fall right through!).

You will notice that the rack has slots at the top. When you drop a checker in, it will fall straight down. It won’t go sideways, and it will always fall as far as it can (no half-way falls).
TNow… players take turns dropping checkers into the slots trying to get four of their checkers in a row. The four in a row can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The pieces can stack on top of others, or fall in to block rows.

Remember, you aren’t just trying to get four in a row; you are also trying to prevent your opponent from getting their four in a row.

When it finally happens… and for some reason this is usually a surprise for the opponent… there is cheering. When that dies down, CRASH!!! The lever is flipped, all the checkers fall down… and you can start over.

(Honestly… that crash is loads of fun!)

Who Can Play Connect Four?

Connect Four is a game for all ages. The box says 6 and up, but I think that younger kids can play, and their parents can play along without losing brain cells…. Teens and young adults will not be bored, they just might take it to a different place. My daughter likes to take it along when she babysits… makes her quite popular!

This vertical Tick Tac Toe game has stood the test of time, and is worthy of a space in anyone’s game cabinet.

Connect Four comes in a Regular Version, and in a Similar but Smaller Travel edition

You can also get a nice looking Wooden Connect Four set.

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