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While teaching a friend to play Othello board game the other night, I remembered just how much I enjoy playing this simple strategy game.

Othello board game falls into that category of games that are easy to teach and learn, and straightforward to play… but have a deeper complexity when you begin to apply strategy. In other words, you can teach this game to an average 5 year old, but even experienced Gamers will enjoy working out strategy to defeat opponents.

*Note** Although Othello may bear a resemblance to Go… it’s not the same. In Othello, the disks are placed in the squares, and the object is to flip your neighbor’s pieces to your color. In Go, the pieces are played on the intersections, and the object is to surround your opponent’s pieces.

Play Othello Board Game

Play othello board game

Othello Starting Position- Each player has 2 pieces, set at a diagonal, to make a square.

Othello is played on a board divided into an 8×8 grid. The 64 disks, which are black on one side, and white on the other, are divided between the two players, who choose which color they want to play. To start the game, each player places 2 pieces on the board in a diagonal to form a square.

play othello board game

The while piece was set next to the black piece. This sandwiched the black piece between two whites, so it was flipped over.

The object of the game is to end up with more of your colored pieces on the board. To do this, you place one of your pieces (say, a black piece) so that your opponents piece (white) or several of their pieces, lies between your new piece and an existing black piece. When you have “trapped” their pieces, you get to flip them over to your color.

On your opponent’s turn, they do the same… and try to flip yours. Pieces can be flipped back and forth any number of times.

All placed pieces MUST be laid adjacent to an existing piece.

play othello board game

By placing the black piece in the top corner, the player will be able to flip the white piece next to it, and below it.

Rows can be made horizontally, vertically or diagonally. AND… if you are lucky, you place a piece that covers two rows at once.

Play ends when all 64 pieces are played… then you count up to see which color dominates.

Othello Strategy!

Like many simple games, Othello is much more than what you see on the surface. Strategy can take this game to a new level.
I’m a big fan of reaching corners (which can’t be flipped), but for more interesting tactics, check this site…
Othello Strategy Guide

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  1. February 9, 2015

    […] While introducing a fellow game player to the game Othello the other night, I remembered just how much I enjoy playing this simple strategy game.  […]

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    […] Othello requires a board that is about 12 inches on a side. Pieces come contained in the board. […]

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