The basic idea of Pentago is simple… All you have to do is get 5 marbles in a row. However, Pentago is a fun, exciting, involves planning and strategy.

pentagoSure, this game seems simple… get 5 marbles in a row. Each player takes turns placing his colored marble on the board. BUT. The board is split into 4 quadrants. Every time you put a marble down, you have to rotate 1/4 of the board a 1/4 turn. This changes the board with every move. You don’t have to rotate the board section that you are on…and you can easily mess up your opponent’s strategy by changing how they line themselves up.

This fun game was Game Of The Year in Sweden, Germany, France, Finland and Belgium!

My 16 year old and his buddies will pull this one out, and so will the 10 year old. Amazingly enough… there is now a multi-player edition of Pentago.



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