Timeline Game Review

Timeline Game ReviewTimeline: Diversity Game

Calling all you History Buffs! Check out my Timeline Game Review…..

We just started playing the Timeline Card Game … and we love it! This game is simple to learn, and you don’t have to be a Phd in History to play well. You just have to be able to put events in timeline order… or, at least make a good guess.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be a genius about dates. Often things are sort of obvious… for example, the domestication of Cows came LONG before the invention of the record player. Other times, it gets tricky… was Little Red Riding Hood written before or after the canning jar was invented?

One great thing about the Timeline Card Games is that there are a number of different games that you can choose from… depending on your interest. OR, you can do what we did, and get the Timeline Diversity Game… which has a lot of cards from different genres in it. This way, everyone is happy.

How to Play Timeline Card Game

Each player is dealt card 5 or 6 cards, depending on how many are playing. Cards are lined up in front of each player (DON’T LOOK AT THE DATE SIDE!!! THAT’S CHEATING!)

timeline game reviewA starter card is placed, date side up, in the center. The first player takes one of their cards and places it next to the starter card- to the left, if the player thinks the event happened before, and to the right if the player thinks it happened after. Then flip the card. If the card is in the right spot, the player’s turn ends. If they are wrong, the card goes to the discard pile, and chooses a new card for their line- up.

Game moves around the table.  The next player places a card in the correct spot in the sequence.

Game ends when someone is out of cards.

What Comes in the Timeline Box?-

I really like the tin box… it’s compact, but cool looking (a bit Steam punky even). Inside are 110 little cards with history related events on them. Both sides look mostly the same… but only one side has a date. Be careful about how you put them in the box… don’t want anyone checking the dates!

You can buy a Bundle of Timeline Games

timeline game reviewTimeLine GAMES: Inventions; Discoveries; Historical Events; Music & Cinema _ Bundle of 4 Games in Colorful Tins

Timeline Card Game comes in Different Editions

Timeline game reviewThis is not JUST a game about history… there are several versions of the game, including History, Inventions, Americana, Discoveries and Music & Cinema…There is also a Diversity set.. with a bit of everything (Or can even mix and match the cards from different sets.)

It’s the perfect game for trivia buffs, movie geeks, fans of history and my goofy family.


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