Ticket To Ride Marklin Review

ticket to ride marklin review

Ticket To Ride Marklin reviewTicket To Ride – Marklin

Ticket to Ride is a family favorite, and we have several editions in our Game Cabinet. My favorite has to be “Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition “. This stand-alone version centers on a map of Germany, but also includes destinations in surrounding countries. Märklin is a model train company in Germany, much like Matchbox builds toy cars here in the US, so there is a lot of attention on the train details.

Ticket to Ride Marklin Review

Different editions of Ticket to Ride have new rules or abilities that aren’t found in the others. The Marklin edition adds passengers and merchandise tokens to the equation. Tokens of different values are put onto destination cities. As players movie through the cities, they collect the most valuable token, the next person through gets a lower valued token, and so on.

ticket to ride marklin reviewNow… picking up tokens requires a passenger. At the beginning of the game, each player is issued 3 passengers (cute little people with suitcases). On your turn, you can place a passenger on the end of a route that you have claimed. When you are ready (with a complete route, or passenger cards) you can trace a route with your passenger, picking up tokens along the way. The passenger cards are drawn like other train cards, and are used to move your passenger along a route segment created by another player. It acts like a ticket.

Also included in the Märklin edition are Locomotive+4 cards. These act like regular wild Locomotive cards, but can only be used for routes 4 spaces or longer. The upside is that you can draw a locomotive card, and still draw another train card.

Want to look at the complete rules?
Ticket to Ride Märklin edition Rules


Why Get the Ticket to Ride Märklin edition?

I initially bought the game for two reasons…. 1. I adore playing Ticket to Ride and 2. My family is German, so I liked the idea of cementing the geography into my kid’s heads.

After playing it a few times, we all realize we may even like this version of the game more than the standard version. The passenger rules and merchandise tokens add a fun degree of interest. You still need to plan routes, but now you have another level to focus on.

Who can Play Ticket to Ride Marklin?

The game is recommended for ages 8 and up, and I would agree… especially if the 8 year olds are playing with an older player. Because you can play with 2-5 players, it’s a great family night game.

The Märklin Edition is great for Ticket to Ride veterans, and anyone new to the game.

Ticket To Ride - Marklin reviewTicket To Ride – Marklin

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