Enchanted Forest Board Game Review- A Fun Family Memory Game

enchanted forest board game

Ravensburger Enchanted Forest – Family Game

Enchanted Forest Board Game is a memory game… But, it’s much more than a simple trick of remembering a couple symbols. It’s actually much more complex… and more engaging than a standard memory game.

The board and symbols are based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales (so all of you into the Fairy Tale shows on TV will recognize them.) You will be searching for Sleeping Beauty’s spindle, Puss in Boots boot, and the Big Bad Wolf!

Now, this may look like a children’s game, but it’s more than that. Yes, children can play this game, but there is some real memory work involved, so the game is well suited to tweens, teens and adults. You need to remember the position of a lot of pieces, and then make the decision to move and challenge other players.

How do you play Enchanted Forest Board Game?

enchanted forest board gameDifferent symbols relating to fairy tales are hidden under trees around the game board. You roll the dice, and move your figure around hoping to land on the Tree spaces… then you get to peek underneath to see the hidden symbol. The tree gets put back into place, and you have to remember what’s under each one you check.

In the Castle are cards that match the symbols. Only one castle card is up at a time. If you know where the matching symbol is hidden in the forest…  you head to the castle to claim the card. Remember, all the trees look alike, and you are competing with others who are searching for the same things… Once you get to the castle, tell everyone where the matching symbol is. If you are right, you keep the card, and if you are wrong  they can send you back into the forest.

As an added degree of difficulty, the card in the castle can be changed during play... so you can spend time getting there, only to discover the card isn’t the one you are looking for.


Enchanted Forest is a Board Game for All Ages

The game is both engaging and fun. And despite being based on Fairy Tale charaenchanted forest board gamecters, this is not just a game for little kids. In fact, very young children could struggle a bit with this one. The memory work and gamesmanship of changing cards and hidden symbols makes it a bit tough.

(note-  When I play with young children, I modify the rules a bit… we don’t shuffle the matching cards… we leave the top card showing until it is claimed… )

Ravensburger games are always top quality construction. The cards are thick and sturdy… the trees are hard plastic, and not at all flimsy. This is a game built to last for hundreds of plays.

There are Two Versions of Enchanted Forest

The original Enchanted Forest has been re-released for Children… however, the game is basically the same. The only difference with the “Children’s Version” is that an adjusted set of rules for younger children is included, and there are some art differences.  The game is other wise the same.  (BUt the Children’s Version tends to be cheaper!)

Enchanted Forest - Children's GameEnchanted Forest – Children’s GameRavensburger Enchanted Forest - Family GameRavensburger Enchanted Forest – Family Game


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enchanted forest board game

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