Where to Buy Polyhedral Dice, Metal

Where to Buy Polyhedral Dice Metal

Metallic Essence Metal Dice SetMetallic Essence Metal Dice Set

Every now and then someone asks me Where to Buy Polyhedral Dice, Metal… not plain old boring ones… but the really solid gaming dice that you want to show off while you are playing. Your signature dice… lucky dice…Metal gaming dice made from steel, iron or futuristic aluminum. Dice with great shapes, cool symbols, and even fabulous colors! There are loads of cool sets of Metal Polyhedral Dice that you might just HAVE TO HAVE for your collection.

Who doesn’t want a set of gaming dice that different from all the others at the table? 
Take a look….

Polyhedral Dice- Metal

Etsy is a great place to find those hand made… practically custom… gaming dice that suit your personality. These aren’t dice that are manufactured by the millions. These dice are made with care, many by people who love gaming themselves!

But don’t scoff at Amazon, the variety of dice that they have available is growing every day… and with the new “Handmade” products, you are certain to find the perfect dice set for your game.

Both are great places to find quality Metal Gaming Dice that you will love to own!

Dungeons Dragons Metal Dice

Metal Polyhedral Dice with a Medieval Feel



D & D Metal Gaming Dice feel like they have some heft or substance…. they also give your game playing a Medieval look. I LOVE the set with the barbs (although stepping on that d4 barefotted will bring on a whole new level of pain). If you are traveling to Middle Earth on your adventure, your dice should look the part.

Dungeons Dragons Metal DiceStainless Steel Balanced Gaming Dice Set – ‘Twined Dice’ MetalDungeons Dragons Metal Dice7 Dice Gaming Set (including 10D10/Decader), stainless steel – ‘Center Arc’ balanced metal diceDungeons Dragons Metal DiceStainless Steel D20 Metal Gaming Dice by Butler’s Specialty Dice


Dungeons Dragons Metal DiceCustom & Unique {Standard Medium} 7 Ct Pack Set of [D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20] Assorted Polyhedral Shapes See-Through Numbered Playing & Game Dice w/ Mythical Elven Font Design [Clear & Black Colored]Polyhedral Dice- MetalSkull Splitter Dice- Copper Color- Solid Metal Polyhedral Role Playing Game (RPG) Dice Set (7 Die in Pack) with BoxPolyhedral 7-Die Set of Metal Dice (7): Dwarven Metal Black Design - Solid Metal Import Dice (Die-Cast Designer)Polyhedral 7-Die Set of Metal Dice (7): Dwarven Metal Black Design – Solid Metal Import Dice (Die-Cast Designer)



Steampunk Metal Dice

Old is new, gears are everywhere, and Steam Engines run everything! These period Steampunk Dice are perfect for Tephra!

steampunk metal diceMetall Steampunk 7 Set Dice


Modern Polyhedral Metal Dice

Smooth, Futuristic Metal Polyhedral Dice

For a more modern …or even futuristic look, you might want to go with a different style or finish. These metal dice sets are great for space adventure games! Their sleek finish makes them feel good in your hands… and the precision balance insures fair rolls…

Polyhedral dice metalPrecision Dice Polyhedral Set: Metal Aluminum Red.polyhedral dice metalSteel D20 Gaming Die – ‘Starry’ Metal Balanced dice



Polyhedral Dice- MetalPaladin Roleplaying Solid Metal Dice Set, Silver Color, In Presentation CasePolyhedral Dice- MetalSet of 7 Aged Mithral Full Metal Polyhedral Dice by Norse Foundry | RPG Math Games DnD PathfinderPolyhedral Dice- MetalMetal Dice 7-Die Polyhedral Set: 16mm Painted – Blue (7)Polyhedral Dice- MetalSet of 8 Obsidian Masterwork Precision Aluminum Polyhedrals with Laser-Etched Strongbox by Wiz Dice

Polyhedral Gaming Dice Candle

For the DM who has everything… but still needs more!

These Candle Scents are meant to invoke the terrain from your adventure. Light it up, and let the smell take you to a Dragon Lair, or Ocean Cave…. It’s one thing to set the mood with lighting, and possibly sound effects, but smell? Perfect… it will take your adventurers right to that Dungeon!

And a metal DIE is included in every candle! Once the candle burns away, you have something new for your collection.

gaming dice candleWheel of Flame Candle Set with Embedded Metal Dice (Single Candle)gaming dice candleWheel of Flame Candle Set with Embedded Metal Dice (Single Candle)



polyhedral dice metal


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