Rumis Board Game


The Rumis board game is a great game for those among us who are great with spacial relations….

(I’m only moderately so-so…. I have the worst time figuring out which Tupperware bowl is the right size for the leftovers).

Think of it as a form of 3D competitive Tetris.

How to Play Rumis Board Game

Inside the box are-
-Blocks of different shapes (sort of like Tetris) in four basic colors… red, blue, green and yellow. Each color set is identical.

-Game platform to play on. It holds the chosen “shape” of the game, and rotates, so everyone can see things from all sides.

-Shape Templates. These indicate the border of the structure you are building, along with the specifications of how high the different levels must be.

Start the GAME

Everyone gets a set of blocks in their color. The object is to build a specific structure, while taking turns.  On your turn, you have to add a piece to the building, staying within the borders, and being mindful of height restrictions.

The Winner of the game has the most of his/her color showing when looking at the structure from above. 

Basically, how you start is not as important as how you finish. It takes skill to block players so that your pieces will end up on top. But you also need to insure that you aren’t stuck with pieces that you can’t use (that funky piece that sticks out in 3 directions is always a bugger), because you will lose a turn.

There are different boards with different structures, so the game is always changing. Also, you can play with 2-4 people, so that’s a game changer too.

This building game, it’s pretty to look at, and fun to play. The non-players can easily sit by putting their two cents in.

This is a game for people 8 and up. Don’t think that this is merely a children’s game though, it has enough strategy to keep older gamers happy, so it makes a great Game for Geeks.

Sadly, Rumis seems to be out of Print. It is available on Amazon (but it’s kind of pricey) You can find it cheaper on ebay.

Educational Insights Rumis (EI-2992)Rumis

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