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Castle Panic Dark Titan Board Game

For those of you who don’t think mere panic is enough, the Castle Panic Expansion Dark Titan takes co-operation and frantic effort to a whole new level!

The original board game, Castle Panic is a cooperative game where the entire group of players defends a castle walls from monsters that invade from all direction. Working together is the only way to win. (Although, my daughter will point out that one person ultimately will have the most points in the end, and therefore is the “supreme winner” of the game….. but she’s not a cooperative person).

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How does the Castle Panic Dark Titan Expansion Set Work?

Like the standard game, you are fighting off invaders. However, the full strength Dark Titan Agranok has 8 hit points… compared to the almost laughable 3 that you find on your standard Troll. Fortunately, the Agranok has Heralds announcing his arrival (he won’t just sneak up on you). Draw three Heralds, and get ready for some serious damage.

Along with the Dark Titan, a few other new monsters are added into the mix. Now you get to fight elite Goblins, Trolls and Orcs, as well as a Dark Sorceress. To help you in your quest, a new Cavalier card is also included, and helps such as medical supplies, barrage and boiling oil.

Castle Panic is a Cooperative Game

Castle Panic Expansion Dark TitanLike other cooperative games like Pandemic, what I like about the Castle Panic Expansion Dark Titan is that you can decide in advance just how difficult you want the game to be. There are 5 different Dark Titans of varying levels of strength. BEFORE the game, choose the right one for your group. This way, if you are playing with younger or newer players, you don’t slaughter them immediately.

Also, The Dark Titan expansion set works well with the Wizard’s Tower expansion. Using both at once actually makes Castle Panic quite interesting. What started as a game that you can play with 8 year olds becomes complex enough for veteran gamers to enjoy.

All in all, for under $15 the expansion set is well worth adding to your Game collection.

NOTE- This is an EXPANSION SET… which means you must have the original game in order to use it.

Castle Panic Expansion Dark TitanCastle Panic Dark Titan Board GameCastle Panic Board Game and ExpansionCastle Panic


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