Frog Juice Game – A Matching Game, Disguised by Potions

frog juice game

Frog Juice GameFrog Juice

Did some digging in the back of the Game Cabinet this week, and came up with an old favorite for the younger set, the Frog Juice Game.  Newts, Deadly Nightshade, Unicorn Horns, Shrinking Brew, and of course, Frog Juice make this an engaging card game.

What I really like about this Gamewright product, is that, although it really is a game of matching and math, it teaches the skill sets needed to play more advanced games. Essentially, this is a card game where you match “ingredients” that have a number value (for matching purposes only, the number does not relate to the scoring value).  BUT… beyond the matching, there are spells to complete… and witches who steal the cards.

My 11 year old daughter really loves this game, and plays it with her friends.

How to Play the Frog Juice Game

A dealer hands each player 4 cards for their “hand”. Then 4 cards are placed face up in the center of the table. The rest go in a pile to the side.

Begin by making sure you have 4 cards in your hand (take more from the pile as needed)… sort of a non- issue on the first round, but later you will need to fill your hand.

On your turn you can- capture cards from the center, play a witch card to sweep up all the cards, play a black cat to steal a power card… or play a spell card and begin to fill it.

Captured ingredient cards go in one pile, captured power cards go into another.

End your turn by discarding a card FACE UP into the center.

Frog Juice Game

The Prince has a value of 12… by combining Toads (3) and Monkey Powder (8) you may capture him.

How do you capture cards?

Each ingredient card has a number… for example, Toads are a 3. If you have a Toad 3 card in your hand, you get to pick up the toad.

Another way to capture cards is to combine cards in your hand or on the table (this is where the math comes in).

The cards then go into the ingredient pile in front of you.


What Can You do Besides Capture Cards?


Frog Juice game

The Uplifting Spell requires 3 Ingredients
Toads and mice have been captured…. you just need newts!

Play a Spell

Announce that you are playing a spell, and place the card in front of you. Now begin to fill it. First add any needed cards from your own hand, then take what you need from the upturned cards on the table… now ask your opponents for the remaining ingredients. You must ask them specifically for an ingredient! Incomplete spells can stay on the table until they are filled.

Play a Witch

Witches are fairly powerful. When you play a witch card, you get to sweep up all of the cards in the center of the table… (They can’t touch your ingredient or power card piles, and they don’t get to steal unfinished spells). Witches can be stopped with Witch Wash… which sort of reverses the spell, and gives the Witch Wash card holder the spoils.

 Play a Black Cat

The Black Cat is the only card that allows you to “steal” a played card from another player… you get to pull a Power Card from their pile.

The game ends when there are no more cards to play.

To Score

Add up all of the cards in your Power Pile (remember that number)

Now add up all of the cards in your Ingredient Pile… the player who has the most ingredients gets two points.

The one with the most points wins.


Phew… sound confusing??
Play a round or two open handed, and it will all become clear.  It really is a fairly straightforward game that the kids will enjoy playing.

Check here for a PDF of ALL of the Frog Juice Instructions… Frog Juice Rules 

Who Can Play Frog Juice?

This is a game for ages 8 and up. We usually play with 2 players, but up to 4 can play.

Where Can you Buy the Frog Juice Game?

frog juice gameFrog Juicefrog juice gameGamewright Card Games Bundle: Dweebies, Frog Juice, Monster Cafe, Sushi Go! – (Set of 4)

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