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play board game sorrySorry

I swear, my kids love to play the Sorry Classic Board Game just for the joy of saying “SSSSOOOOOORRRRRYYYYYY” to my face while sending my pieces back to the beginning. They gang up on me. Honestly, my competitive, hold nothing back, crazy game-playing kids just want to make me lose.

For those of you who somehow missed this game during your childhood, Sorry, is an old-style board game where the object is to get all of your pieces all the way around the board. Fairly simple and straightforward, except, you don’t just roll the die and move forward. And it definitely is NOT a cooperative game…it’s every man woman and child for himself!!

Play Board Game Sorry

Sorry works with a stack of numbered cards. Each number 1-12 has a different feature. For example, you can only come out of your home by pulling a 1 or 2… Pull a 7, and you can split the move between 2 pawns (go 3 and 4, or 2 and 5). A 10 goes forward 10 or backward 1. And a 4 goes backward 4. (Going backwards can be quicker than going forward, if your pieces are in the right place.)

play board game sorryNow… if you land on a space with another player… you send them back to home…


If you pull a Sorry Card, you get to take someone from your start spot, take someone elses spot on the board, yell SORRY, and send them back to the start.

Yes, it’s a simple board game, not too challenging, and all ages can play. Basic counting skills are all you need.

Just wear a thick skin if you are playing with people who want to see you lose…..

All Ages Love Playing Sorry Classic Board Game

Like I said, my kids LOVE playing Sorry… and their Grandmother loves to play too. The card instructions are not complicated, and any kid with basic reading skills can manage (or a kind and helpful older person can do the reading for them). Move forward, move backward… get your guys around… send the other guy home. This is a fun step up from Candy Land, for kids… but not so basic that grown ups can’t stand it.


SorrySorry Classic Edition Board GameSorry! 2013 Edition Game


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