Easter Board Games for Kids of all Ages! Fun LONG After the Eggs are Found!

board games for easter

Printable Easter games. Instant eggs-citement! Just add paper
easter board gamesHABA Rabbit Rally – A Challenging and Fun Guessing Game for Ages 4 and Up (Made in Germany)

In a way, the Easter Egg hunt is the ultimate board game… the world is the board. But after the eggs are found, and the ham is eaten, what do you do? Check out these Easter Board Game Ideas! There are Easter Board Games for all ages… from the littlest cutie, to the most cynical teen… and there are even games the whole family can enjoy together.

Easter is a great day for board games. The family is generally together, and there are no major sporting events to compete for your attention. Playing games is a great way to spend time with one another in a friendly and/or competitive way. You don’t need loads of people… although some of these games are fun in bigger groups. Most of these games are simple enough to play without lengthy instructions.

Also, be aware that although these games all have rabbits or bunnies, they aren’t merely EASTER games. These games have re-playability year round. 
For triple bonus points… HIDE the games along with the eggs!! Make finding the games part of the game!

Take a look at these GREAT Easter Board Games!

I’ve separated the games into groups, by age/category. There really is something for everyone. 
Happy Easter Gaming!

HABA Dancing Eggs - A Hilarious & Boisterous Action Game for Ages 5 and Up (Made in Germany)HABA Dancing Eggs – A Hilarious & Boisterous Action Game for Ages 5 and Up (Made in Germany)


Easter Board Games for Young Children

easter games for young childrenPegasus Spiele Hopp Hopp Häschen Board Game

These games are for the youngest game players in your family, approximately age 4 and up (some of the games have smaller pieces that may not be appropriate for unsupervised toddlers). Easter Games for young children are about basic counting, color matching, and having fun!

That Jumping Jack game seems like a lot of squeal inducing fun! Pull the carrots until the Jumping Jack rabbit flies into the air! (Catch him on the way down!). In Funny Bunny players race to the top of a hill to get to the biggest carrot. Don’t fall in a hole!.

Hopp Hopp Hacschen is a German game with the cutest little bunny figures. By rolling a colored die, players can help the bunnies escape to the right hole. Bunny Hop is a memory game. Players must help the farmer collect a bunny of each color to prevent them from eating all the veggies!

Finding one of these fun games in an Easter Basket would be a nice inclusion, or alternative to candy, in an Easter Basket. Games are a gift that last a lot longer than jelly beans.




easter board gamesEducational Insights Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Gameeaster board gamesRanglin’ Rabbits Gameeaster board gamesHABA Rabbit Rally – A Challenging and Fun Guessing Game for Ages 4 and Up (Made in Germany)

easter games for young childrenEducational Insights Bunny Hopeaster games for young childrenRavensburger Funny Bunny – Children’s Gameeaster games for young childrenJumping Jack – Pull Out a Carrot and Watch Jack Jump Game


Classic Easter Board Games

Sometimes, you just want to go back to the classics. These Easter Board games have been around for years, and will probably stay around long after fads have faded. Uncle Wiggly has been around since 1916, and is considered to be the first reading game for kids. Players read a verse, then move their figure towards Dr. Posum’s house. It’s simple, and basic, and a good way for kids to learn game play. Peter Rabbits Blackberry Game is a simple spin a spinner and move spaces game. The rabbits have been sent to collect blackberries, and if they land on a blackberry space, they get to keep it. The player with the most berries wins.


easter games for young childrenThe World of Beatrix Potter – Peter Rabbits Blackberry Gameeaster games for young childrenUncle Wiggly Game


easter board gamesVelveteen Rabbit Board Game

Easter Games for Family

The whole family is gathered, and it’s time to do something together. These are great games that everyone can enjoy playing together. Bunny Bunny Moose Moose  is kind of a funny and silly game where participants pretend to be either a rabbit (ears up) or moose (ears down) to evade a hunter.   The Hare &  The Tortoise is a racing game with 2 difficulty levels. 5 animals participate in a rematch of the famous race between the tortoise and hare… remember, speed isn’t always the most important thing! Dixit is a beautiful story telling game where players try to match a story with an illustrated card. How is it an Easter Game? Well… you keep score with rabbits.


easter board gamesBunny Bunny Moose Mooseeaster board gamesDixit (Cover Art May Vary)easter board gamesTales and Games: The Hare and the Tortoise Board Game


See how to play Bunny Bunny Moose Moose here.

Silly Easter Games

Looking for silly games that are guaranteed to get everyone laughing… and maybe cause a bit of mayhem? Take a look at these two. They are playable by all ages… although, being young at heart will really help. Angry Birds Spring has Sprung  is the app brought to life. Build structures, stack the pigs and rabbit on the structures, then use the Red Bird and a catapult to blow it up! Points are scored by how well you do according to cards. Stack the Carrots is essentially a Jenga stacking game… but you stack carrots instead of sticks. A bunny head goes on top for added fun.


silly easter gamesAngry Birds Spring Has Sprung Easter Board Gamesilly easter gamesStack the Carrots Game


Easter Games for Teens and Adults

These games are best played by people with a wicked sense of humor….

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is a card game that can be played with a basic set… but there are many expansions to add to the fun. Object, collect as many carrots as possible while keeping your bunnies alive from your opponents deadly weapons (Nuclear Warheads and Flourine Gas). Munchkin Easter Eggs is an Expansion Pack for the Wildly Popular Munchkin Game (you MUST have a basic Munchkin set to play Munchkin Easter). Enjoy fun new treasures and monsters like Bunnythulu!


easter games for teensKiller Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot; Blue Starter Deckeaster games for teensMunchkin: Easter Eggs


easter board games

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