Where Can I Buy Rummikub ? My Review and Where to Buy Rummikub

play rummikub gameRummikub — The Original Rummy Tile Game

We Love Love Love to play Rummikub game. It’s embarrassing how often we play this game… In fact, we even play it on vacation and in restaurants, so people are always asking, “Where Can I Buy Rummikub?” The whole family from my dad down to the baby play. (btw. The middle daughter is the best at it… but even the little one can play well).

How to Play Rummikub Game

The principle of the game is a bit like the gin rummy card game.. you look for runs (1,2,3) or pairs (3,3,3) in color and number, only you are using tiles. And there is big twist… once tiles have been played, they no longer belong to you… everyone can add to the set, and you can split the tiles that are played, and use them for your own gain. Some really elaborate moves can happen when someone splits your run, takes a needed tile, and creates a set of their own.

Object of  Rummikub Game

The object is to clear your rack of tiles… and the points you put down don’t count in your favor, other than that they are tiles off your rack. This means, a run of low numbers is just as valuable as a run of high numbers. And with no “discards”, you have to be careful, or your rack will fill up fast. What you want to do is play the tiles you have, high or low, as quickly and efficiently as possible. The only time “high” or “low” point value really counts is in the end… if you still have tiles on your rack, you add up the number and record it. First to clear the rack wins, lowest score is second etc.

Pressman Rummicub Game

The Pressman Rummikub game has been around for ages, and with good reason. It is fairly simple to learn, but is endlessly changing. Different people bring different styles of play… and it all works.

We take it along to all our family vacations, and play it together at all holiday gatherings. It’s a great game for everyone.

One tip… invest in or make a bag to store the tiles! It’s much easier to mix and pass them than it is if you leave them in a box or plut them upside down on the table.

There are a few Versions of Rummikub….Original, Large Number and Travel
We generally just pack up our regular game … without the box. I’m considering buying the Deluxe Edition, so more of us can play at once without having to “team up”.

Where Can I Buy Rummikub?

where can I buy RummikubRummikub — The Original Rummy Tile Gamewhere can I buy RUmmikubRummikub Large Number Editionwhere can I buy RUmmikubDeluxe Rummy with Wooden Racks in Attache Casewhere can I buy RUmmikubTravel – Rummikubplay rummikub gameDeluxe Rummy with 160 tiles with 6 boards for 6 players

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