Outburst Jr Game

Outburst Junior

This is one of the few games where I feel like the Junior Version is better than the regular version. Outburst Jr Game is a great group game (just not in a library or a fancy restaurant) for a party or a group of more than 6 people.

How Do You Play The Outburst Jr Game?

You split everyone into two teams. One team will hold a secret list (in this fancy holder) with a topic at the top…. the other team has 60 seconds to guess as many items on the list as possible. For example… name the “Disney Princesses”, or “Flavors of Ice Cream”, or “Zoo Animals”. The team holding the secret list checks off the ones the other team shouts out. Points are awarded for each correct answer.

When the time is up, the score is calculated. Be prepared for ” BUT I DID SAY ZEBRA”. It will get loud, but it’s fun for ALL ages. Even the littlest ones can get into the action since the clues are not too obscure (everyone can name some zoo animals).

Outburst Jr. Is for Everyone

This is a fun, interactive game for all ages. The whole family can get in on it… even the non-game loving people will be able to contribute from the sides.

I found that even the people who “don’t like games” or “don’t want to play” will be drawn in and start contributing answers. (My dad is king of this…. he sits behind his magazine… but then we hear him give answers)

Sadly, this game is getting tougher to find…. Amazon does carry some older versions though, and there are used sets for sale. Keep an eye out!

Where Can I buy Outburst Jr.?


Outburst JuniorOutburst Jr! The Game of Verbal Explosions for Kids (2001)Outburst Jr.

If you are just playing with Adults, go ahead and get the regular Outburst Game


Outburst Remix

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