Games We Are Playing on International Tabletop Day

international tabletop dayApril 30th is International Tabletop Day!!! What does that mean? A whole day devoted to Tabletop Board Games!!! And how does that differ from any other day??? Well…. it doesn’t really, except that no one can suggest I go clean the bathrooms because… IT’S INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY!!

Games will we be playing on
International Tabletop Day!!

Upper Deck Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building GameUpper Deck Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game

Legendary is a game of  Superheros! and Villains! This deck building game is semi-cooperative (everyone works together to combat the baddies… but ultimately, one player wins). This game is loads of fun for people who love their Superheros… here’s your chance to send Spiderman and Thor up against their arch Villains. Before the game begins, you choose a few Superheros and a few Villains. “Recruit” the cards to your hand with the help of Shield Agents, then battle using your strengths.

Great for 11 and up!

This game really is a lot of fun… and it changes every time, if only because of the sheer NUMBER of cards. In fact, my only complaint is that organizing the cards in the box is a bit of a pain. Would a better divider system have been so hard to create?

Dragon Farkle Board GameDragon Farkle Board Game

Dragon Farkle

Farkle has always been a go-to game for our family, in fact, I keep the mini version in my purse at all times (never know when you will be waiting somewhere, or in a bar, and need something to keep you occupied). Dragon Farkle has a D & D -like theme… think of it as the lovechild of Farkle and Munchkin. Instead of just rolling dice to gain points, you are rolling dice to build an army. You can also collect magical items. Once you’ve amassed enough dragon fodder (I mean soldiers) you get to attack the dragon in his keep. The first to slay the dragon WINS. To add to the excitement, you also get to battle your fellow players.

Good for 10 and up!

Dragon Farkle takes up a bit of space on the table, because each player gets a playing board to hold the companion card and army coins… and you need space for your magical items.

Adventure LandAdventure Land


Adventure Land

Adventure Land is a great Gateway game to get new players and younger players excited about playing new Tabletop Board Games. The board is laid out in a grid, and grid spaces are slowly filled up with items you need to gain points and fight fog monsters! The game is simple to learn.. and has three different playing levels… which makes it a great game to \”grow\” into. The artwork is really nice, and you get loads of meeples (my favorite!). Grab some friends, and go on an adventure!

Good for age 8 and up!

Read the complete review here–>Adventure Land


King of TokyoKing of Tokyo

King Of Tokyo

King of Tokyo is a dice game where you get to PUNCH other monsters in order to gain control of Tokyo! While you don’t actually get to be Godzilla or Mothra (these are similar, but not copyright infringing monsters). Roll dice to gain Energy Cubes or to heal from Punches… or, you can Punch your fellow players. All to get control of the city. Purchase cards with energy cubes to give you special powers. This fun game is light-hearted to play. It’s easy enough for younger players, but competitive enough for more experienced gamers, which makes this a perfect family game.

Good for age 10 and up!

Read my complete review here–> King of Tokyo


Broom Service - Strategy GameBroom Service – Strategy Game

Broom Service

April 30th is also Walpurgisnacht Witches Night! The night where Witches gather in the Harz Mountains of Germany. So, naturally, we wanted to add a Witchy sort of game to the mix. Broom Service won the 2015 Kennerspiel des Jahres for being a creative card game based on bluff and clever hand management. The game is played over 7 rounds… and victory points are collected each round.

Good for age 10 and up!

This is a new game for us, and I’m excited about including Broom Service into our Game Nights… Tabletop Day will be the day we introduce it to our group.




Let International Tabletop Day be a full day of gaming for you too! Invite new players to your Table…. and let’s spread the hobby.

Play More Games!

What Games will YOU be playing?

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