Munchkin Card Game Review

munchkin card game reviewMunchkin DeluxeBecause we’ve been playing for a while, I feel I can give you an honest Munchkin Card Game Review. I grew up playing old school D&D…. rolling up characters, going out on adventures, seeking gold and fighting monsters. While it is a rollicking adventure, it can take a while, and be very involved. “All hail” to Steve Jackson for creating a fun short cut… Munchkin!

Munchkin eliminates the fluff… and lets you go straight to KICKING IN THE DOOR!!  Fight Monsters! Suffer from curses! Kill your companions! Loot for Treasure!! All the fun… and none of the boring stuff!

What is the Munchkin Card Game?

Munchkin is a card game. Think of it as D & D… without the role playing. The first player to reach level 10 wins. Cards, determine your fate, not the DM, not the dice (unless you are running away).

munchkin card game review

What it looks like to play…

How to Play Munchkin

munchkin card game review

Class and race cards might look like this

You start out with a hand of 8 cards- 4 Door Cards and 4 Treasure Cards. There may be class or race, monsters or curses in the Door Cards. Treasure Cards  contain items (like armor or weapons), armor enhancers (often one use items to boost an item’s power) and other cards that don’t fit in a category.

If your cards contain a class or race card, you can use it… or don’t. Lay out the useful armor or enhancements that you want to use.

Then kick in the door. (Flip over a door card)


Scary, and not so scary monsters…

If there is a monster… you can fight it. Add your level, plus any enhancements… and see if you are powerful enough. You can ask for help from fellow players (it may help to offer treasure). However, if


Got enhancements?

you can’t beat the monster… you can roll to run away. Win… and get treasure! PLUS you get to go up a level! Loose and suffer the consequences….

If there is a curse… you have to suffer.

Now… you also have opportunities to Loot the Room!

munchkinThen the next player gets a turn to Kick in the Door. You can help them in their quest… or totally foil their attempts. Remember! It’s every man for himself!!!

There are other ways to get ahead… special treasure cards allow you to go up levels for free… and you can sell treasure (1000 points worth) to go up. Ultimately though, you have to fight and kick your way to the top.


Who Can Play

We started playing this game as a family right after my daughter turned 11… and she’s the best player. It is, however, a game very suitable for grown up gamers.

Munchkin Card Game Expansion packs!

There are a bunch of expansion card packs to add more fun to your Munchkin world.

munchkin card game review

Our custom game board


There are two versions of the Game…  Munchkin and Munchkin Deluxe. The main difference is that the regular version just has cards and a die… the deluxe version has a board and counters.
My kids and I just have the card game, so we created our own board… and use candy for counters. (Of course, having a real board is cool).

Also! Although the rules say you need three people to play, we sometimes play two-person Munchkin. It just means you have no one to help you if your opponent is trying to do you in….

Munchkin Makes a great Geek Gift!

Munchkin card game reviewMunchkin DeluxeMunchkin card game reviewMunchkin

LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of Expansion Packs and Variations

It is impossible to get bored with your cards… you can just keep adding new ones. (There’s even a Cthulhu Expansion!!!) There is something or the princesses in your world…

Munchkin card game expansionsMunchkin 6 – Demented DungeonsMunchkin card game expansionsMunchkin Game Changers Card GameMunchkin card game expansionsMunchkin PrincessesMunchkin card game expansionsMunchkin CthulhuMunchkin card game expansionsMunchkin OzMunchkin card game expansionsMunchkin Holiday Surprise

Watch Steve Jackson and Will Wheaton play Munchkin…

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