What is Egyptian Rat Screw ?

what is egyptian rat screw

what is Egyptian Rat ScrewEqyptian Rat Screw!

Ok, I admit, I was flummoxed when my daughter told me about a new game… I had to ask… What IS Egyptian Rat Screw? Is it really a game I can recommend to people (with a straight face)? Is it appropriate for a “clean” website? Is it a game that can only be brought into the house in a dark plastic sack under cover of darkness?

So, she wrote me this overview and review… and I did a little research… and now I’m happy to share the game Egyptian Rat Screw with you all. Turns out… it’s actually quite good.

What is Egyptian Rat Screw?

While playing Egyptian Rat Screw I was taken back to long car rides with my brother where a deck of cards would be our only entertainment (and source of arguments) for hours on end. It’s a  revamp of the classic card game War, mixed up with SlapJack.  The game has all the fun of slapping cards, but mixes it up each turn with dice that changes how (and where) one must slap.

Because it’s very portable, this game become great for rowdy get-togethers on the go. (She plays while on the road with her Frisbee team). Egyptian Cat Screw is good for entertaining to young children, the young at heart, and even sophisticated college students. Honestly, this game can win over pretty much anyone because of its frenzied play!



How to Play Egyptian Rat Screw

The game is pretty straightforward and can be played with really any number of people.Although with more than 4, you should add a second deck.

what is egyptian rat screwEgyptian Rat Screw Card Game by Front Porch Classics

To start you shuffle the deck of cards which for the game is essentially a simple deck of play cards. Deal out the cards so everyone has the same amount.  (Like War and Slapjack)

Before you start the game someone must roll the red and beige dice which determine your hand’s slapping position, and which hand you use for slapping. For example, the dice can tell everyone: right hand on you ear, or left on your knee. There are even rat symbols on both dice which represent the a sort of wild card… ie. the roller has the choice of what goes where. Sometime you get lucky, and the beige dice which dictates position will roll blank meaning you can have your hand anywhere. The most important thing to note – whichever hand is rolled on the die must be your slapping hand for that round. The dice will be rolled by the next person in the circle,  each time the deck is slapped.
The 3rd die, the black one, comes into play when someone plays one of the two jokers. The black marker means that person does not have to obey the dice hand rules and can slap the pile with any hand from any position. 

Begin the game following the simple rules of war. Everyone sits in a circle and simultaneously flips cards face up on a pile in the middle. When matching cards, or certain combinations of cards appear on the pile, SLAP! The first one to slap correctly, gets the pile.

What Combinations do You Slap in Egyptian Rat Screw?

You can slap the deck when there are double cards (two of the same cards land on the pile at the same time) or a sandwich ( two of the same card with one different card between them in the pile… like Slamwich) . One can also win cards with face and ace cards. When a face or ace is played,  the next person must put down a set number of cards (depending on the value of the face card) If they don’t play another face card in those cards, they lose their cards to the other player. (ex. If you play a Queen, the next person has 2 chances to get a face card in. If you play an ace they have the chance to play 4 cards to get a face card). If you do the game simply continues on.



What is the Object of Egyptian Rat Screw?

Like War, object of the game is to keep collect everyone else’s cards.

Who can Play Egyptian Rat Screw?

Although the box says 8 to 15, anyone who can recognize the numbers or letters on a deck of cards can play Egyptian Rat Screw. This is an active game that involves paying attention, and quick movement. It can work in a party situation, a classroom, or even the back seat of a car on long road trips.

You can play with 2 people, but honestly, more players make it fun… just remember to add another deck of cards if you play with more than 4.

Where Can I buy Egyptian Rat Screw?

Amazon has Egyptian Rat Screw available for a very good price….

what is egyptian rat screwEqyptian Rat Screw!


what is egyptian rat screw

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  1. Eric says:

    Haven’t tried the special boxed version, but there is also rules for playing this game with just a standard deck of cards and not using dice.
    For instance try our site http://www.catsatcards.com/Games/EgyptianRatSlap.html for detailed rules and many variants of this fun game!

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