Zombie Board Games for Kids

zombie board games kids

I’m the worlds biggest Fraidy Cat…. yet for some reason, all the kids around me love Zombies. And while, I can appreciate the whole Zombie thing, and understand that many people do enjoy the excitement of a good scare… I don’t want to have to deal with midnight-nightmares. SO! I’ve compiled a list of Zombie Board Games for Kids… these are Zombie themed games that won’t make you wet your pants with fright because you are afraid to walk down the dark hall to the bathroom. But don’t worry, there are plenty of spooky brain-craving beings in these games.

The age range for most of these games is around 8 – 13 (some as low as 6 years old). Granted, some 13 year olds are quite sophisticated, and have no trouble viewing dismemberment… (EWWW), but I was looking for games that the family could enjoy without feeling sick… and that all the kids could play on a sleepover (and not freak little Johnny out). There are plenty of scarier games, let’s just call these the G and PG rated games of the Zombie Board game world… ok?

Zombie Board Games for Kids

I’ve put the list together in no particular order. Some games are appropriate for even younger kids… I’ll let you decide how mature your child is… and how skilled a game player. Also, some games have different age recommendations, depending on where you look. I’ve included both if that’s the case.

Zombie Kidz

Manufacture age- 6+ Boardgame Geek age- 7+
Zombie Kidz is a cooperative game where kids work together to clear the graveyard of zombies. Each turn rolls a zombie into the graveyard… but each turn a kid gets to move, and hopefully eliminate it! If all the zombies are wiped out, you win! But… if three zombies end up in the same grave, it’s game over. Got to keep up! This game is simple, but fun, and a nice jumping off place for kids to play cooperative games.

zombie board games kidsZombie Kidz Board Game


Zombie Keep Out

Manufacture age- 12+  Boardgame Geek and Parent Review recommendation- 8+
Zombie Keep Out is a Co-Operative game, which for me, makes it perfect for family or group play. Build gadgets to try to keep Zombies out of your stronghold. Everyone works together! Added bonus, you can adjust the difficulty. Also works for Solo Play. An expansion set is available, so once you’ve run through the Zombie repelling options a few times, you can add in new scenarios..

zombie board games kidsZombies Keep Out Board Gamezombie board games kidsZombies Keep Out: Night of The Noxious Dead Board Game


Zombies!!! Jr

Manufacturer age- 8+ Boardgame Geek – 12+
It’s time to put those grown up Zombies into a Time Out! This game is a much toned-down version of the adult Zombies!! game. The scenario is the playground, and up to 8 kids use weapons like Narf guns to defeat their arch enemies. Cute artwork. This is not a simple game to master… but if you child can handle Risk, then this should be ok. The game is also great of adults who can’t deal with gore (me)… so it makes a fun family game. You get map tiles, cards with cute artwork, and 50 adorable zombie miniatures…

zombie board games kidsZombies Jr Game


Give Me the Brain

Manufacture age- 13 months -5 years (seems wrong) Boardgame geek- 8+
Give Me the Brain is a card game based on working in a Fast Food restaurant. Cards give you tasks to do in order to get rid of the cards, but there’s a hitch… in order to do the task, you need the brain, and there’s only one of those. It’s fairly simple to learn, but fun and competitive. Perfect for kids 8 and up… and their parents..

zombie board games kidsGive Me The Brain


Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, & Zombies!

Manufacture recommended age- 8+
Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, & Zombies! is a tactical card game that will settle for once and for all… who will win in an all out brawl between these factions! This tile laying game. Each player controls a certain faction, and attempts to RULE SUPREME!! (muh hahahahaha) Take turns laying down cards to create the largest group of your faction. Some cards allow you to rotate the tile… some cards contain arch enemies….others have bonuses. You can lay cards or move certain tiles… then count up the score! This is a simple game to learn and play. I would argue that younger kids could play if they had help scoring.

zombie board games kidsPirates, Ninjas, Robots, & Zombies!


Risk- Plants vs. Zombies

Manufacture recommended age- 10+ Boardgame geek- as low as 6
Risk Plants vs. Zombies is a twist on the standard Risk game. This two player game is based on the online game Plants vs. Zombies, and has a board and card, as well as markers that come right from that version. You still roll dice for combat! There are three versions of the game to play, and the game board has 2 sides… so this game has loads of re-playability.

zombie board games kidsRisk: Plants Vs. Zombies


I Hate Zombies

Manufacture age- 10+ Boardgame geek- 6+
I Hate Zombies is basically an augmented version of Rock Paper Scissors. Now.. don’t scroll on by! It’s a party game for up to 12 people.. everyone sits in a circle, and is assigned a zombie or human with powers. Combat happens by Rock Paper Scissors.. but special powers affect the outcome. This is a silly game that can be a lot of fun for groups. (and the price is right!!) Play time is short… but you will want to play this addictive game over and over.

zombie board games kidsI Hate Zombies Board Game


Zombie Dice

manufacture age- 10+
Zombie Dice is a standard in my purse… that is, I take it with me to keep people occupied when we go out to a restaurant, or on a trip. It’s compact, and fairly easy to learn. Take 3 dice from the cup and roll them… brains are good, shotgun blasts bad, and footsteps are safe. Keep the brains and shotgun blasts, then re-roll the footsteps (adding more to give you three). Keep rolling until you decide to stop and score your brains… or when you roll your 3rd blast. You are supposed to play to 13, but we play until food arrives. The double feature expansion adds new dice to the mix.

Zombie board games for kidsZombie DiceZombie board game kidsZombie Dice 2 – Double Feature


Other Zombie Games to Consider

Zombie board games kidsZombie FluxxZombie board games kidsZombie-Opoly Board GameZombie board games kidsBowling Zombies


I hope you were able to find the perfect Zombie Board Game Kids can handle!

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