Board Game Card Holder

board game card holders

I’m not nuts or OCD or anything like that… but I do have serious issues about how piles of card for board games get mixed up or messy over the course of the game. Drives me nuts! When playing games like Dominion and Catan, you are constantly reaching for cards, drawing cards, discarding cards… and before you know it, the cards are a disaster. A Board Game Card Holder can prevent that nightmare!

Keep your board game cards neat and organized.

Now all you have to worry about is Cheetos fingers!!

My favorite Board Game Card Holder

Stackable Dominion Sleeved Card Tray/Holder

Stackable Dominion Sleeved Card Tray/HolderStackable Dominion Sleeved Card Tray/Holder

We play a LOT of Dominion in our house… but it drives me crazy when the piles of cards go sliding around the table. I’m constantly straightening and fixing them.

This rack is PERFECT!

The rectangular individual holders are stacked to keep the cards safe during storage. No more using the slots that come with the Dominion Box… Then when you are ready to go, just lock the edges of the holders together in the configuration you want. You can even choose different colors to help keep things organized.

The card racks not only hold the games for play, added bonus! they are big enough for cards in sleeves! Perfect if you really like to care for your cards.

The Stackable Dominion Sleeved Card Tray/Holder is made to order by the guys at 3D Game Gear… and they are happy to customize your rack to your specifications.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who LOVES Dominion.


Settlers of Catan Card Rack



Card Rack 12 slots Settlers of CatanCard Rack 12 slots Settlers of Catan

Playing Setters of Catan… or just CATAN… means constantly pulling cards, trading cards, turning in cards, buying cards, and generally messing up piles of cards. The Catan 12 slot rack keeps all of the cards neatly organized so there is no more scattering of card piles!

Can I tell you how excited this makes me?

Resource cards each stay in their appointed slot. (Let that sink in a minute….)
Development cards stay in their slot… bliss.

And when people put cards away… they go into the right place! Not just slopped and tossed onto the pile all willy nilly.

There are more than enough slots for card in this rack to include all sorts of expansions. AND the slot box fits neatly INSIDE a regular Catan box, so clean up and set up are a breeze.

Available in pine or black…. This is a must for any Catan lover!

Simple Catan Rack

Maybe you just want a simple rack for your Catan cards? This simple rack holds your resource and development cards on a cool rustic looking rack made from recycled wood.

Catan Card holderCatan Card holder


Splendor Game Board Card Organizer

Splendor Game Board for organizing cards and tiles during gameplaySplendor Game Board for organizing cards and tiles during gameplay

For organizing cards and tiles during Gameplay

Splendor is another one of those games where cards are in constant motion, and constantly being shifted around… and I’m the one who is constantly straightening them out. Not anymore! This easy to use Splendor Game Board has a space for all of the pieces… and just enough hold to keep them all in place during play.

It even holds sleeved cards!

The wooden game board comes in 4 pieces for easy storage, and easily go together like a puzzle. And you can get either a natural or walnut stain.

Measures 20″ wide by 16″ tall by 3/8″ thick.



Ticket to Ride Card Holder

Why the game Ticket to Ride does not come with card holders is beyond me… it seems so obvious! These racks make organizing your train cards and route cards SO EASY! And you don’t have to keep flipping them over so your opponent doesn’t see them…

There is even a rack for the draw cards!

Ticket to Ride Card HoldersTicket to Ride Card Holders


Machi Koro Card Organizer

How long do your Machi Koro Cards stay stacked and organized? Around here, we always seem to make a mess with them. The Machi Koro Card Organizer keeps those cards stacked in their piles! The 2 layer wooden board has 15 cut 1/8 inch deep cut outs for the cards in the base version of the game.

Machi Koro Card HolderMachi Koro Card Holder


Wooden Card Holders

These Wooden Card Holders are perfect for someone who has small hands (like a child), or arthritis, or a handicap of some sort that makes holding cards difficult. They act like the racks in Rummikub… staggered grooves hold cards in a way that makes them easy to see and manipulate. No more struggling to hold a mass of cards in your hands.

Use for games like Lost Cities Card Game, Uno and Frog Juice.

Wooden Card RackWooden Card RackWooden Card RackWooden Card Rack


Poplar Wood Game Playing Card HolderPoplar Wood Game Playing Card Holder


Forbidden Island/ Forbidden Desert Tile Holder

Ok, so Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert don’t use cards… but they do use tiles, and they are ALWAYS getting messed up!

The board 22 1/2″ wide by 26 1/2″ long and is 3/8″ thick, and has a grid of 7 x 7 spaces, so you can play the standard game, or add more tiles. Finger holes make it easy to pick up tiles. Because it comes in 4 easy to assemble pieces, it is easy to store.

FOrbidden Island Tile HolderFOrbidden Island Tile Holder


Card Deck Card Holder

The first holder measures 2-1/4” x 3-1/2″ – 57 x 89mm, this little holder is perfect for keeping cards stacked up. Use it for Cthulhu games, or any game with cards, where you want to add some flair and organization to the piles…
Arrives flat with easy instructions for assembly



Cthulhu Realms Card HolderCthulhu Realms Card Holder


This Mountain holder is designed with Magic the Gathering Decks in mind (with sleeved cards)… and just looks cool.

Made from 3D printed plastic.

3D Printed Mountain Trading Card Deck Holder3D Printed Mountain Trading Card Deck Holder


board game card holder

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    This is a great idea to keep game cards under control!

  4. Gamer says:

    They do… about half way through the post you will see regular card stands

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