13 Fun Halloween Board Games for Kids of All Ages

halloween board games for kids

Because you want to do something before and after Trick or Treating… why not pick up one of these Halloween Board Games for kids?? We’ve always had a Family Game Night at our house, and usually around a holiday or special day, we like to include games that fit in with a theme. There are so many Halloween board games to choose from… and not all of them are scary Zombie Undead games.

Halloween Board Games for Kids

I’ve broken down the list by age/abilities… from the youngest Board Game Players (around 3-6) through early counters and readers (4-7) and up to more confident players (7 and up). I know there is some overlap there. Some kids start playing board games early, others come to it a bit later. Don’t just look at the age number, think about your kid, what they like to do (and what YOU like to play with them). I’m certain you will find a few gems for your Board Game night!!

Halloween Board Games for Very Young Players

These games require no reading and little to no counting. Primarily they are color matching or shape sorting. Still, they are a fabulous introduction to gaming, and teach skills like taking turns, and winning/losing with grace.

Go Away Monster

Go away Monster has been a family favorite for years, and I’m delighted to see that it is back in print after a few year’s absence from store shelves. In Go Away Monster, each player is given a game board with a bedroom scene. Players take turns reaching into a bag of shapes to find one that matches outlines in the bedroom. If you accidentally pull a monster shape, you get to yell, “GO AWAY MONSTER”!! (The yelling is the most fun).

halloween board games for kidsGo Away Monster Board Game


Lucky Sock Dip Card Game

My kids got Lucky Sock Dip from German relatives (under the name Socken Zocken). The box comes with a monster, some clothes pins, and a lot of cards depicting SOCKS! You start by placing a monster figure onto the table. Then surround the monster with all of the playing cards. At the world go, everyone tries to match pairs of socks. The first player to find 5 pairs must grab the monster. The winner of each round gets a clothes pin… win 3 times, and you win the game. (I find that you can play the home laundry version of the game by surrounding your kids with socks that need sorting.)

halloween board games for kidsHABA Lucky Sock Dip Card Game


Halloween Games for Slightly Older Kids

These games require observation skills, but not a lot of reading. The ability to count and take turns is important.

Spot It Halloween

I love the Spot It games… and always carried one in my bag when the kids were younger. The way it works is simple. a card is placed on the table, and the rest of the cards are split evenly between the players. All together, everyone flips over their top card. Look for a symbol on your card that matches a symbol on the card already on the table. See one? Say it, and throw your card on top of it. Now people have to find a match on your card. First to get rid of all the cards wins. The Halloween version has fun halloween symbols like Pumpkins, Spider webs and Potions!

halloween board games for kidsSpot it! Halloween Card Game


Monster Bake

Monster Bake is a color matching game with a bit of dexterity involved. A lot of colored marbles are put into the box… each player is given a spoon. A card from the stack is flipped, showing what the ingredients are for a specific monster cake. Monster go! Everyone digs around with their spoon trying to be the first to put all the ingredients in their bowl. MONSTER STOP! Yes, sometimes spoon battles break out….But it’s fun!

halloween board games for kidsHABA Monster Bake – A Monstrously Fast Game of Skill for Ages 5 and Up (Made in Germany)


Halloween Games for Kids who have Started School

These games are starting to use a bit more reasoning. If your kids is comfortable counting, and dealing with slightly more complex rules, then you might check out these games.

Ghost Blitz

No counting, but some deductive reasoning is important for Ghost Blitz. Using card clues, players have to grab at one of 5 objects of a certain color. It’s not always easy… objects on the cards could be the right color, or wrong color… and what you grab depends on how quickly you figure it out. First person to grab the card keeps it. The one with the most cards after the cards are gone, wins.

halloween board games for kidsGhost Blitz Board Game


The Secret Door

What I love about The Secret Door is that it is a co-operative game… everyone works together to solve a mystery (sort of like Scooby Doo. Think of it as a hybrid of clue and the memory game. 3 Cards are removed from the stack, and the rest are placed around the board. Working together, players flip cards to find pairs. If you find a clock, the time is running out. Find 12, and you have to stop. By looking at pairs collected, and at cards remembered, the team needs to figure out what cards were missing. Parents can play along with this one (without losing their minds).

halloween board games for kidsFamily Pastimes Secret Door – An Award Winning Co-operative Mystery Game


Vampires of the Night

Vampires of the Night is another dexterity game, only you are using MAGNETS. Added bonus, the pieces glow in the dark! The game board has a load of holes in it…and pieces of garlic on it. Using the Magic wand with a glowing bat, you shift around the pieces of garlic hoping to avoid the holes. If one falls in, the turn passes to the next player. Winner is the player with the most removed garlic pieces. This is a Spiel des Jahres Kinderspiel winner… so you can depend on its quality and re-playability. Also… the glowing bat magnet is cool!

halloween board games for kidsVampires of The Night Board Game


Ghost Blaster

Ghost Blaster is another Cooperative game combined with a Memory game. It reminds me a bit of a very light Forbidden Island. Cards with ghost symbols are placed upside down in a grid. Three Monster hunters are put onto the board. Players take turns rolling a die and moving one of the hunters that many spaces. You flip up the card you are on. When all three of the same ghost are revealed, you get to slime them. If time runs out before that, you lose…

halloween board games for kidsHABA Ghost Blaster – A Cooperative Memory Game for Ages 5 and Up (Made in Germany)


It’s the Great Pumpkin Game

It wouldn’t be Halloween without the Peanuts and the Great Pumpkin. This is a fairly straight forward game… spin the spinner and move your character around the board. Help them get their costume… then go Trick or Treating… then get back to Linus. No reading, just counting.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown GameIt’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Game


Halloween Games for Kids who Are Good at Games

These Halloween games for kids all require a little more reading or counting as well as rule following. We introduced my youngest to some of these as young as 6 or 7. Most of these are perfect for family game night, where multiple ages can be involved.

Clumsy Witch

Clumsy Witch is a wonderful game for family night, because it can be played on multiple levels, even while playing as a group. This Haba Game (can you tell I like Haba?), so you know the quality is high. In this game there are 12 cauldrons loaded with ingredients. If you play the basic, you just roll a die, look, cover it, then calculate in your head where the witch moves, and determine which potion ingredient is missing. To make it more difficult, other dice can be added… one moves the witch it clockwise or counterclockwise direction, one determines if the witch looks in front or behind her, and there is also a Fox who might come into play. This one can be played for years with increasing difficulty.

HABA Clumsy Witch - A Bewitchingly Fun Look-Closely Game for Ages 5 and Up (Made in Germany)HABA Clumsy Witch – A Bewitchingly Fun Look-Closely Game for Ages 5 and Up (Made in Germany)


Frog Juice

Frog Juice is a game of collecting cards to make potions and casting spells. You need to capture cards by matching their value, or find the missing ingredients to your potion to collect points. You can play spells, witches (that allow you to sweep up all the cards) or even black cats! This game is a bit more complex, but once learned, is fairly straightforward.

halloween board games for kidsFrog Juice



Ghooost (yup, 3 o’s) is a fairly light card game that reminds me a little of Uno meets Pig Pile. Fun spooky cards have different number values, and some have special abilities (like reversing the order of play). The object of the game is to try to clear your hand by adding cards to a center pile. Your card must have a value equal to or greater than the one before it. What makes this game fun is the silly and creepy artwork. It’s easy enough to teach in minutes, and the box is also the game board, which means it’s very portable.

halloween board games for kidsGhooost Card Game


King Of Tokyo – Plus Halloween Expansion

King of Tokyo is not just a Halloween Board Game for Kids, this is one we play at Grown-Up game night to. It is a fast moving dice and card game developed by Richard Garfield (of Magic the Gathering Fame). Everyone plays a scary monster and uses dice to attack fellow players, gain energy points or heal. Take over Tokyo to do maximum damage to fellow players… but be warned, you can’t heal there…and once your take too many hits, you die. Special cards can be bought with energy points to give extra powers. The Halloween Expansion (which CAN NOT BE PLAYED WITHOUT THE CORE GAME) adds new dice, new fun cards, costumes and special powers.

halloween board games for kidsKing of Tokyo Board Gamehalloween board games for kidsKing of Tokyo Halloween Expansion Board Game


Other Halloween Board Games for Kids to Consider

Broom Service - Strategy GameBroom Service – Strategy GameZombie Dice Brain CaseZombie Dice Brain CaseBoooo-opolyBoooo-opolyTricky Town Board GameTricky Town Board Game



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halloween board games for kids

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