Cards Against Humanity Game Review

cards against Humanity game reviewCards Against Humanity

I let my 20 something son write this Cards Against Humanity Game Review for me… so, you know, it’s honest.

You think you know your friends and family? Really… You sure you REALLY know them? Looking for a game to cross the line of political incorrectness and bring out the wild side in those you are close to? Get everyone together for a game of  Cards Against Humanity“.

Cards Against Humanity Game Review

The premise of the game is simple.  For each game set, there are two types of cards.  The black cards are drawn by the judge and come in various forms.  Some are simple fill in the blank, while others are set as questions.  These cards set up a general framework that encourages people to play their white cards in different ways.  Everyone holds a set of white cards, and each player must play one of them each round, then draw a new one (with exception of the judge). White cards are anonymously played to best match or complete the black card drawn how each player best sees fit.  However, each one will be judged and only one player can will each round.  Once a round is won, that player collects that black card to keep score.

The beauty in the game is that there are no right answers, and the judge for each round can pick any card they wants for their own reasons. Whether it is for most accurately matched, most hilarious, most terrible, or creative, the easiest way to win is by knowing how your judge thinks more than everyone else. The game in a sense is like playing “Apples to Apples”… with bad intentions.

Some players might even have favorite cards, ones that insinuate inside jokes, that they play knowing it will win every time (i.e. while there are many inappropriate examples, one of my friend’s favorite card, which cracks her up every time for reasons still unknown to anyone, is the card labeled “Bees?”).

What Makes Cards Against Humanity So Fun?

cahDuring free time on the weekend, my friends and I  would fill hours playing “Cards Against Humanity.” Games would run with no end in site. Time slipped away as jokes where thrown out about who was winning certain rounds and how some people could not believe certain people would play certain outrageous cards. They played the game so often that eventually everyone knew each card by heart. This initiated a different way of playing the game, and thus the group started using the cards, which they all know for a game they called “Charades Against Humanity.” A game based around the cards from “Cards Against Humanity,” but instead of playing by the general rules of the game, teams are set up. Teams take turn sending up one member to read a card and act it out to his/her teammates. While a time limit can be convenient, there are occasions when time is lost as people laugh at the person desperately trying to act out whatever embarrassing thing their card tells them to.

Who Should Play Cards Against Humanity?

“Cards Against Humanity” is an amazing game for many but not for everyone. It is not meant for the faint of heart or those who have a hard time temporarily suspending their political correctness or morals.

Trying to keep a get together or party going? Give this game a try.
Have the game and looking for more? Try the multitude of expansion packs available.

Cards Against Humanity Game and Game Case

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Cards Against Humanity Expansions

Cards Against Humanity: First ExpansionCards Against Humanity: Second ExpansionCards Against Humanity: Sixth ExpansionCards Against Humanity: Third ExpansionCards Against Humanity: Fifth ExpansionCards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion

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