What is a Dice Tower? And Where Can I Get a Cool One?

what is a dice tower

what is a dice towerCastle Keep Dice Tower with Magnetic Initiative Turn Tracker

I’ve recently been asked ” What is a Dice Tower?” Dice Tower sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it? Like the object of a quest… a Tower filled with magical dice. Sadly, it’s not that fabulous. BUT a dice tower is a very useful object for overruling those silly “he cheated while rolling the dice arguments” that are all too common during many RPGs. (Honestly, sometimes I think half of the game is dealing with these idiotic disputes… a Dice Tower is a great way to move things along).

Let me explain what a Dice Tower is, and why you would choose to use one.

What is a Dice Tower?

Quite simply, a Dice Tower is a vertical chamber filled with ledges and platforms called baffles. You drop the die/dice into the top, and they bounce around off of the ledges/platforms, until they roll out some steps the bottom into a controlled space or tray. Very often they are designed to look like Castle Towers or houses… but that’s mainly for effect. The outside is much less important than what happens on the inside.

Why Use a Dice Tower?

what is a dice towerThose inside baffles affect the way the dice roll so there is no way a player could cheat his roll. You know those people… they toss the die funny, and it comes up advantageously every single time. Lucky die? or cheating roll? A Dice Tower eliminates the human influence from the outcome. The dice go in the top, bounce around, and come out where all can see. Added bonus, many Dice Towers have a “fenced in” tray or area at the bottom so the dice don’t go flying off the table. (How many of you have known players to roll the dice off the table, get a “great roll” and insist that it count?) Dice Towers keep all dice rolls legit.

Dice Towers have been in use for centuries, in fact the earliest example of a Dice Tower comes from 4th century Germany (apparently, people have been cheating rolls for hundreds of years…).

The great thing about a Dice Tower is that you can use it with any game that uses dice… From RPGs to Farkle… and there are so many cool versions to choose from!

Dice Towers for Sale

Of course… there are LOADS of Fantastic Dice Towers to buy…
From Etsy-

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From Amazon-

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Make your own Dice Tower

Don’t want to buy one? Make your own Dice Tower.

Looking for a Dungeons & Dragons Dice Bag?

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Easy Roller Dice Homepage

what is a dice tower

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  1. Nice – I should get one of these for my daughter… she loves to play dice games.

  2. Gamer says:

    It really adds a level of fun… and takes away the “you cheated” issues..

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