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stocking stuffers gamers

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Board Gamers usually have a nice long wish list for Board games that they want to have, so finding them something is not that hard… on the other hand finding Stocking Stuffers Gamers will appreciate (and use) is a bit tricky. I’ve found a few ideal “small” gifts that will tuck nicely into a stocking, or work well as a special little present for the Board Gamer in your world.

Some of these gifts are useful and practical, others are fun and silly… all are reasonably priced!

None should end up tossed in a corner after the holidays are over…


Stocking Stuffers Gamers will LOVE

Bar of Cleaning

Ok, we all know that guy (or girl) who could use a bit more encouragement to get into the shower… the Bar of Cleaning is a a bar of soap with a D20 embedded in it. The more you use it, the closer you are to actually getting to play with the die! The unscented soaps are Vegan friendly! (but don’t eat them)

Bar of CleaningBar of Cleaning


Mini RPG Potion Necklace

Everything you need to get through any adventure…or just a day at work. The little bottles contain Health, Mana and Stamina. All hang from a leather necklace and secure with stainless steel fittings.

Mini Rpg potion necklace (health, mana and stamina)Mini Rpg potion necklace (health, mana and stamina)


Board Game Socks

The ultimate ironic stocking stuffer… socks. Well, maybe not ultimate, but definitely fun (and for some people, a change of socks is a fabulous idea). These Board Game Socks will let the world know that gaming is in their blood. They come in 3 colors… black, white and ash… so, Keep Calm, game on!

Keep Calm And Play Board Games Crew Sock AshKeep Calm And Play Board Games Crew Sock Ash


Giant Microbes

Got a Pandemic Lover on your list? Why not give them a gift they can really fear… GIANT MICROBES! These cuddly microbes come in a variety of assortments like Plague, Zombie, Biohazard and more! Sold as sets or individually. Lots of fun for everyone!

Giantmicrobes Themed Gift Boxes - Zombie AttackGiantmicrobes Themed Gift Boxes – Zombie AttackGiant Microbes Christmas Stocking BoxGiant Microbes Christmas Stocking BoxGiantmicrobes Themed Gift Boxes - BiohazardsGiantmicrobes Themed Gift Boxes – Biohazards


Dice of Dubious Results Box

For those dice you can’t get rid of… but can’t trust either… This fun little box will hold a full set of dice, plus 2 extra D20. The box slides open, and a magnet holds the door shut.

Dice of Dubious Results BoxDice of Dubious Results Box


D20 Ice Cube Mold

Speaking as someone who loves a good cocktail, I can not emphasize the importance of ice enough… that said… These giant D20 Ice Cube molds are really cool, and USEFUL! The 2 silicone pieces fit together, then you fill it up through a hole in the top. In no time, you have a fabulous looking 2 1/2 inch in diameter D20 ice cube… perfect to cool your drink without watering it down too much.
(You can also use the mold for Chocolate… )

Critical Hit d20 Ice Mold - Chocolate or SoapCritical Hit d20 Ice Mold – Chocolate or Soap


Board Game Coasters

Don’t you DARE put your glass on the game table! It leaves a ring of moisture that can get on the game pieces. But… if you put your glass on a coaster (and on a side table) the game is safe, and everyone is happy. There are loads of great options for board game coasters. Find the one that makes your person happy…

Catan and Agricola Board Game Coaster SetCatan and Agricola Board Game Coaster SetCaverna Board Game CoastersCaverna Board Game CoastersSettlers of Catan Coasters, Game Board CoastersSettlers of Catan Coasters, Game Board CoastersCarcassonne CoastersCarcassonne Coasters


A Glowing Vial

Perfect to use for a First-Player Marker, or as a score counter for any game that has a bit of magic… these vials come in 4 different colors- white, red, blue and green. The light is a battery operated LED, and should last a while (but the battery is replaceable). Add some cool ambiance to your gaming table!

Glowing VialGlowing Vial


D20 Scented Candle

When you order the D20 Candle, you get to choose from 70 different scents (Vanilla, Gunpowder, Dragon’s blood….) and loads of different colors. It measures around 3 1/5 inches in diameter, and is made from all natural ingredients. Adds a nice ambiance to any game room!

D20 Scented CandleD20 Scented Candle


Critical Hit Car Sticker

It’s a Critical HIT! This 3d Vinyl sticker can be stuck onto any window!

2015 New Style Critical Hit D20 Dice Car Decal D20 3d Window Stickers2015 New Style Critical Hit D20 Dice Car Decal D20 3d Window Stickers


Gamer Hip Flask

Available in a choice of multiple leather colors, this 6 oz. Stainless Steel flask is perfect for when you need that little nip of something. Three different font styels are available. Comes with a small funnel for filling.

This is How I Roll- FlaskThis is How I Roll- Flask


Board Game Tee Shirts

What board gamer doesn’t like a great tee shirt?

Board Games Womens V-Neck T-ShirtBoard Games Womens V-Neck T-ShirtMen's Choose Your Weapon Wisely Board Game Gamer funny T-Shirt 2XL AsphaltMen’s Choose Your Weapon Wisely Board Game Gamer funny T-Shirt 2XL AsphaltMen's Power to the Meeple Board Game T Shirt 2XL BlackMen’s Power to the Meeple Board Game T Shirt 2XL Black


Dragon Die Necklace

Is there anything cuter than this little Orange Dragon holding a D8? Comes with your choice of different chains! (no, the die can not be removed for play). The maker also has loads of other great Dragon/dice combinations!

Orange Dragon Dice Holder Necklace with Black DetailsOrange Dragon Dice Holder Necklace with Black Details


Carpe Diem Beanie

Who cares about bad hair days when you have a Carpe Diem Beanie? Just slide this Geek Chic Skull Cap on, and keep playing… for hours… without care! Comes in 8 colors… so, you can wear a different one every day!

Gamer BeanieGamer Beanie


Did you find the Stocking Stuffer you Were Looking For?

stocking stuffers gamers

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