Ticket To Ride Game Review

ticket to ride game reviewTicket To Ride

Ticket to Ride Game Review

A few years ago our family received the Ticket to Ride Game… and we are HOOKED! It did not take long for us to learn how to play the award-winning Ticket to Ride Train Game…. the nine year old and the teens were all able to pick it up fairly quickly. We all played the first game “open handed” (which means showing everyone your cards, and comparing notes on what to do).. after that, we were off!

How to Play Ticket to Ride

You are given a set of route cards, and a bunch of train cars . Object… plot your routes across the country. There is strategy involved… you want to get your route completed, but you also want to block your opponents. As you play, you get better! And if you ever decide you’ve had enough of playing the basic Ticket to Ride…. you can move on to other Boards and Expansion Sets. At the moment, we are heavily in to Ticket to Ride Europe. I’m wondering if Christmas will bring us yet another set….

The Ticket to Ride Train Game is easy to learn and fun to play.. You’ll want to play with friends and family again and again.

Ticket to Ride Board Game USA

The Tenth Anniversary Set is an Updated Version with Some Neat Additions

ticket to ride game reviewTicket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition

This is the first Ticket to Ride game, and is a “stand alone”, which means that everything you need to play is in the box. The board is set on a map of the United States… and has railroad cars from the early 1900s. You are given a set of route cards, and using colored railroad cards, you work your way through your routes. Points are awarded for placing train cars on routes, and later for completing routes. It’s not complicated to learn, but it can be addicting to play.

Each game lasts around 1 to 1 1/2 hours… depending on how many are playing, and how silly or serious you are being. We found that it is best to play with 3 or 4 people…. 2 isn’t enough to make things interesting… and 5 makes all the routes crowded.

Ticket Ride Board Game USA is a great place to start your adventure.


Ticket to Ride Game Comes with…

Train pieces for each player…
Route Cards to tell you what route to take….
Train Cards….
Counters to keep score …
and a Map Board

ticket to ride game review


Ticket to Ride Europe

ticket to ride game reviewTicket To Ride – Europe

Get Your Eurail Pass!

Ticket to Ride Europe was our second Ticket to Ride game. You can start with this game, as it stands on its own. The play is very similar to the basic game, with a few interesting changes…. First (and most obviously) the map is Europe (so don’t go looking for Nashville). Instead of just railways, you also follow tunnels, which come with a variation on the basic rules.

This game is a great next step… but it is also a good place to start.

Note- This game works as a “learning tool” for my kids… they are finally getting a handle on their European Geography.

Other Stand Alone Ticket To Ride Games

Each of these games is stand alone, like the basic Ticket to Ride Game… but they each have their own fun changes to the basic rules.

Ticket to Ride -Nordic Countries

Travel through Scandinavia using trains and Ferries. This game was only in limited release in North America.

ticket to ride game reviewTicket To Ride: Nordic Countries

Ticket To Ride – Marklin

Travel through Germany…. Racking up points in this game is easy because of the passenger feature. You collect extra points along routes when you carry passengers.

Take a look at my detailed Review of Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition

Ticket to ride GermanyuTicket To Ride – Marklin

Expansion Sets for Ticket to Ride USA and Europe

The Expansion Sets make your Basic Ticket to Ride game more interesting… there are more routes and more cards. Each expansion set comes with a new twist… Netherlands requires bridge tolls, and the Switzerland game has special locomotives that only work in tunnels.
Remember, the Expansion sets do NOT stand alone, you must have a basic Ticket to Ride Game to make them work.

Ticket to ride game reviewTicket To Ride 1910 ExpansionTicket to ride game reviewTicket To Ride 1912 Expansion

Ticket to ride game reviewTicket to Ride Nederland GameTicket to ride game reviewTicket to Ride Switzerland (Swiss Map Expansion)


Follow Marked and Color Coded Routes from One City to Another

Ticket to ride game review

Ticket to ride game review


Map Collections to Expand Your Ticket to Ride Game

India, Asia and Africa
Increase the fun…. add these maps of India and Asia to your basic Ticket to Ride Game. Remember, these are not stand alone, the are additions to the basic set, just including maps and new cards.

Ticket to ride game reviewTicket to Ride Map Collection Board Game: The Heart of Africa, Volume #3Ticket to ride game reviewTicket To Ride Asia: Map Collection – Volume 1Ticket to ride game reviewTicket to Ride India


Alvin and Dexter Ticket to Ride Expansion

Want to Add Some Chaos to Your Game?

Alvin and Dexter are monsters that can destroy or rampage a city on any Ticket to Ride map. These figures come with instructions and special cards to get things moving. I’ve never played with them… but it looks like something my son would hate (he prefers order) and my daughter would love (she likes injecting chaos).

Ticket to ride game reviewAlvin And Dexter: A Ticket To Ride Monster Expansion


Ticket to Ride Has Won Lots of International Awards

Ticket to ride game review

Euroquest Ticket to Ride Tournament
You Can Play Ticket to Ride in International Competition!
Euroquest Ticket to Ride Tournament
Get good at Ticket to Ride… then play in International Competitions!!!

How To Play Ticket to Ride

Check out my review of the Seasonal Release of Ticket to Ride- Pumpkin Freighter!!

Ticket to Ride Game Review

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