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Remember memory game reviewRemember Europe

The Remember Memory Game is a beautiful reminder of the game from my childhood. One of the first games I ever played with my mom was the “Memory Game”. Some people call it the Matching Game, others call it “Concentration”; all you have to do is find matching pairs from a table full of cards that are face down.

Sounds simple?

Well, the game itself is simple, but the execution can really tax your brain.

I had a chance to play Memory with my mom and my kids this weekend. Interesting to see how three generations matched up (pun intended). Mom started slow, but picked up (she’s sharp), the youngest was really good (my son and I have a theory that her brain isn’t cluttered with things like “ what should we make for dinner” and “I have an exam tomorrow”). Ultimately, we all stretched ourselves a bit, and we all felt a little smarter when it was all done.

How to Play Memory

As I said, the game is simple. To set up, take the cards out of the box, and put them face down on the table. Now mix them around… use a swirling stirring motion… you just want to break up pairs.
Now, lay the cards out in lines next to each other (with a bit of room to get your fingers under to flip them).
Try to make it even-ish.

The first person flips over any 2 cards. Everyone looks at the pictures, and then the cards are flipped back over.
The next person flips over 2 cards. Again, everyone looks and tries to remember their position before they are flipped back.
And so it goes around the table.

If a pair is uncovered… the player gets to keep those cards and flip 2 more.

As more cards are flipped, you see where more of them are… but things also start to blur in your brain. It becomes a mental exercise to try and remember where they were… and it gets tougher as cards are picked up (changes your mental markers)

Remember Memory Game

remember memoryWe have a few beautiful sets of cards from the Remember Company, including the Europe edition. Having good images makes a huge difference. (Don’t bother with the silly cartoon cards. A well intended person once gave us the Barney Memory Game… it’s impossible… it’s all Barney, which is boring, and difficult to differentiate.) These photos of different scenes in Europe are just amazing. Cities, houses, fields and statues; all well shot, and nice to look at, as well as possible to differentiate.

Remember makes quality cards that feel good in your hand, and will hold up to repeated play. And they come in a nice solid box.


Who Can Play Memory

Even younger kids can play Memory. You may want to put fewer cards on the table, so that it’s a bit easier. Memory by Remember is a great game for the whole family!

Don’t think of it as only a kids game, it’s a great game for adults. You can talk and chat while playing, but it still requires you to focus on what others are turning over. And there is the frustration of KNOWING where that other card is when your turn is still 2 away. In fact, it’s the perfect game to play with your Non-Gaming Friends, as well as the Gamers in your world.

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Remember EuropeRemember Europe

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