Settlers of Catan Gifts

settlers of catan gifts

settlers of catan giftsYES WE CATAN for SuperTTS Men’s White T-Shirts Medium

If there is someone on your list who knows what it means to trade wood for sheep? Then you need Settlers of Catan Gifts. Catan is not just a game, for some people it’s an obsession! Ok, but mostly it’s  a board game, and a good one. This isn’t just a roll the dice and move your car around a board… it’s a game that requires planning, building, negotiation and strategy.

Catan is considered one of the great gateway games. What does that mean? Gateway games are the link between the basic games of your childhood (like Monopoly or Sorry) and Role Playing Strategy Games. Catan is a great bridge to introduce players to this exciting new world.

But it turns out… once you cross that bridge, there is no going back. Super fans of Catan live the game. Luckily there are a lot of fun and interesting gifts that you can give the Settlers of Catan fan to make them happy.

Find your Settlers of Catan Gifts Here!

Settlers of Catan Glassware and Barware

settlers of catan giftsSettlers of Catan Set of 5 Etched Glassware (Large) -Tumblers -Old Fashioned -Can Glasses -Mason Mugs -Ceramic Mugs -Pints

Sitting around the game table playing Catan just got a lot cooler with these fantastic etched Settlers of Catan glasses. Choose from Tumblers, Old Fashioned Glasses, Shot Glasses, Pint Glasses, Mason Jars and even Stemless Wine Glasses.

Choose your favorites, or get a whole set of barware!

Hand made by Monster Dance Designs, the familiar Catan symbols are sandblasted int each glass. They patterns can’t wear or wash off.

Glasses are dishwasher safe!

Be the envy of your gaming friends, and make your game room even more special with Catan Glasses!

You can also get some great Settlers of Catan mugs and cups . Different versions of the Pottery cup are available!

settlers of catan giftsMy Vacation Settlement is in Catan handpainted mugsettlers of catan giftsSettlers of Catan Pottery Cupsettlers of catan giftsCatan Inspired – Settlers Got Wood Wanna Rock – Happy coffee mug

Settlers of Catan Art

Really in to Settlers of Catan? Why not decorate your space with Settlers of Catan Art? There is an amazing range of style to choose from… whether you prefer minimalist prints… or you like something a bit vintage. There is something here for every decorating style.

settlers of catan giftsCatan Inspired Minimalist Prints Set of 3settlers of catan giftsSettlers of Catan – Vintage Travel Poster – Art Printsettlers of catan giftsCatan Inspired Minimalist Prints 2 – Set of 3Settlers of Catan ArtSettlers of Catan Wood Hex Concept Artwork – unique gift for Catan fanSettlers of Catan ArtSettlers of Catan City PaintingSettlers of Catan ArtSettlers of Catan Shadowbox Art – Small, Landscape Orientation

Settlers of Catan Clock

Catan ClockCatan Clock

Perfect for your Game Room!

This fun clock is made from Catan 4th edition resource tiles backed by birch wood hexes. The clock itself has a quartz movement, so it’s accurate… requires a AA battery, not included. Each clock is unique… and each is guaranteed to have at least one of each type of resource tile.

These won’t last, supplies are limited.



Settlers of Catan T Shirts

Everyone loves T Shirts… pick your lucky Settlers of Catan T Shirt, and your game can only go better.

 OffWorld Designs Men’s Yes We Catan! T-Shirt T-Shirt M Navy OffWorld Designs Men’s Wheat Brew T-Shirt T-Shirt L Maroon Men’s Navy I Heart Catan For Printed T-Shirts Navy X-Large Catan You Give Me Wood | Board Game Geek T-Shirt – Male XL – Asphalt LoveTS Custom Printed Men’s Hail Catan T-Shirts black Medium The Settlers of Catan Longest Road T-Shirt, 3XL, Salmon The Settlers of Catan Wood for Sheep T-Shirt, Medium, Blue OffWorld Designs Men’s Wood 4 Sheep T-Shirt T-Shirt M Black

Settlers of Catan Jewelry

You can wear Catan jewelry… even when you aren’t playing… The make of the Wire wrapped Sheep pendant also makes wheat, brich and stone pendants! And I adore those EARRINGS!

settlers of catan giftsCatan Earringssettlers of catan giftsSheep Wire Wrapped Pendantsettlers of catan giftsCuff links


Settlers of Catan Figures

Upgrade your game with these fun custom figurines. The robber can be personalized to look like anyone you like! And who wouldn’t rather have actual sheep, instead of cards. Best of all, the pieces come in Viking, Gothic, Ottoman and MORE! Impress your friends next time you play… use these cool figures!

catan figuresCatan Robber Plus set for Settlers of Catan Board Gamecatan figuresWhole set for Catan Board Game, Hand-Made, Polymer Clay (wood, wheat, bricks, sheeps, stone)catan figuresViking Catan Pieces

 Settlers of Catan Plush!!!

Wood, Ore, Brick, Wheat and everyone’s favorite SHEEP!! So cute, so fun… they are a great way to trade your resources, decorate your game room… or you can cuddle up in bed with your favorite resource….
There is even a cute set of Robbers!
Each plushie is 5-6 inches across and is loaded with plush.

settlers of catan plushSettlers of Catan: Catan Goodies: Robber Set (Plush) Catanimal Robberssettlers of catan plushSettlers of Catan: Catan Goodies: Ore Resource (Plush) Catanimalsettlers of catan plushSettlers of Catan: Catan Goodies: Brick Resource (Plush) Catanimalsettlers of catan plushSettlers of Catan: Catan Goodies: Wheat Resource (Plush) Catanimalsettlers of catan plushSettlers of Catan: Catan Goodies: Sheep (Wool) Resource (Plush)settlers of catan plushSettlers of Catan: Catan Goodies: Wood Resource (Plush) Catanimal

Catan Greeting Cards

Include one of these fun cards with your gift… or make the card the gift…

catan greeting cardsI Wouldn’t Trade You for Anything Card- Settlers of Catan- Catan Cardcatan greeting cardswood you be mine – valentine’s day card – settlers of catan – recycled papercatan greeting cardsSettlers of Catan Valentine Cardcatan greeting cardsGreeting Card -Catan Inspired Settlers Style – Set of three – Roller Derby Card – Pop art style Artwork by Lucy Dynamite

Settlers of Catan Cookbook and Hex shaped Serving Dishes

Wood for Sheep is the perfect cookbook to use for your next Catan Gathering. This is not your standard “chips and salsa” cookbook! It’s a cookbook for a standard gathering of geeks with dietary restrictions and allergies….
There are recipes for vegetarians, gluten intolerant, milk allergies and low card diets..
And of course, you need hex-shaped dishes to serve your creations. These “disposable” dishes are plastic, and can be recycled after using (yes! no washing up!)

settlers of catan giftsWood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbooksettlers of catan giftsSEOH Plastic Hexagonal Weigh Boats Medium Dish 100pk

Catan Water Bottle

settlers of catan giftsSettlers of Catan: Sports Water Bottle Red with Catan Logo (Anodized Aluminum – 20 oz)

So you are playing a game of Catan… you need something to drink while you are playing. A special Catan waterbottle is just the thing to keep your favorite beverage (no, it doesn’t have to be water) cool and secure.

The top screws on tight, so you won’t accidentally knock the bottle over onto the board when you get excited… well, if you do, you won’t get everything all wet….

Bottle holds 20 ounces of liquid ( as I said, fill it with your favorite beverage).

A Carabiner clip secures your bottle to your backpack so it won’t get lost on the way.

Settlers of Catan 3D Custom Game Board

settlers of catan giftsCustom 3D Settlers of Catan Game Board with Ports and Fishery Frame Pieces // The BAMF Board // Durable Polymer Clay–Great for Heavy Gaming


For the Settlers of Catan SUPERFAN in your world… why not gift them with the ultimate 3D Settlers of Catan Set! Each one is made to order, so each is unique.
What’s included in the set:

-19 hex tiles
-9 port frame pieces with port “coins”
-6 fishery frame pieces

The Hex tiles are the same size as the Standard Settlers of Catan pieces… so you can mix and match if you want. Each piece is sturdy, and will hold up to heavy play.

The pieces are individually made from Polymer clay, baked and painted to order. Each set takes 3 weeks to produce (so plan ahead!)

Other Amazing Custom Catan Game Boards


Settlers of Catan 3D PiecesSettlers of Catan 3D PiecesCustom Laser Engraved Designed Settlers of Catan Wooden Game Board and Playing PiecesCustom Laser Engraved Designed Settlers of Catan Wooden Game Board and Playing Pieces3D Settlers of Catan resource tiles3D Settlers of Catan resource tiles



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