Qwirkle Game Review

Qwirkle Board Game

Ok…I have to start off by this Qwirkle game review by saying it is our hands-down favorite all ages family game. It’s easy to learn, and all multiple people can play at the same time. It’s one of the games we haul out when new game players are visiting, and it’s a great game for my mom to play with the kids.

Qwirkle Board Game Review

Qwirkle is straight forward… there are tiles with 6 colors and shapes… you put them in rows of either color or shape, and get points according to how many tiles you set down. Simple.

qwirkle board game review

Match rows by color or shape

But there can be strategy…

Much like Dominos, the game goes deeper than it appears to. It’s easy to get started… but interesting enough to keep you engaged. Good for little kids who can match colors and shapes, and good for grown ups who can handle strategy.

Qwirkle has won loads of awards… A Parent’s Choice Award, the Mensa Select Award, and (my personal favorite) the Major Fun Award. All of these are well deserved!

Qwirkle Game Pieces

qwirkle game pieces

Square Pieces feel good, and stand up on end.

One of the things that impresses me about Qwirkle is the game components. The pieces are thick squares of wood with symbols painted on them. They don’t bend or chip like cardboard would, and they feel good in your hand. Because they are thick, you can stand them on their edge in front of you without the need for a tray or shield. Also included is a white cotton bag with a drawstring for the pieces. On your turn you just reach into the bag and pull a piece. No peaking! The drawstring snugs up so you can travel with it (and leave the box behind).

The only thing NOT included in the game... and it’s not really a criticism, as much as a head’s up… is a score sheet. We usually stuff some paper and a pen into the box/bag, so we are ready to play any time.

Qwirkle Travels Well

qwirkle board game review

My mother teamed up with my (then 5 year old) nephew against my sister and my daughters..

Our family has dragged this game all over the world… Germany, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico… the bag of cubes is easy to stuff in a suitcase, and you can have a load of people play at once (plus more people leaning over shoulders kibbitzing). There is a travel edition of the game, but we’ve never felt the need to get it.

If you are looking for a fun, easy family game that EVERYONE can play, get Qwirkle!

Qwirkle Board Game

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