Tsuro Game of the Path Strategy Board Game

Tsuro Game of the Path Strategy Board Game

Tsuro: The Game of the PathTsuro: The Game of the Path

Recently we started playing Tsuro Game of the Path Strategy Board Game. Whew! That sounds fancy… but what does it mean? Quite simply, when you play Tsuro, you lay out a path to follow. As you follow the path, you do your darndest to not crash into another player… or worse… take yourself off the board.

Tsuro Game Review

I’ve been drawn to Tsuro for a while, because the cover art on the box is a beautiful Asian style dragon. But we all know that judging a game by its cover can be a little hazardous. I finally took a chance, and I’m so glad I did. Tsuro is a beautiful game, but it’s also simple to learn. Now, don’t go thinking that because it’s simple, it’s boring. On the contrary…. Like many great “easy” games (think Othello) while you may learn to play them quickly, the strategy takes a while to master.

Added bonus… Tsuro can be played with up to 8 people, and each new player completely changes the dynamic of the game.

My daughter calls Tsuro an  “in between” game. To her, that means you can play “in between” more complex games. Maybe while some of the group is taking a break or grabbing a snack.



The game itself can be played in 20 minutes... even less if you are speeding along.

Tsuro Game of the Path Strategy Board Game

X Tsuro Game of the Path Strategy Board Game


The game comes with a board, 35 Path Tiles, 8 Marker Stones and one Dragon Tile. Overall… the quality of the game is good. The Tiles are thick, and the artwork is beautiful. I wish the Marker Stones were actually made from STONE instead of plastic… but maybe getting the different colors would be problematic, and carving dragons into stone would more likely cause the game to be more expensive…

How to Play Tsuoro The Game of the Path

tsuro game path strategy board gameEach person begins by placing their Marker Stone at an entry space around the board. Then each player is given three Path Tiles.

The tiles each have multiple routes or paths… and they all connect together. The players take turns placing a Path Tile, next to their Marker stone… and then will follow the DIRECT route that the path takes them. Simple. After this, another card is chosen.

In the beginning of the game, the board is wide open, and finding a safe path is easy… as the board fills with Path Tiles, safe routes become less obvious. You can only lay down the cards you have, and you MUST lay down a card.

tsuro game path strategy board gameIf the path tile you lay down takes your path off the board, you are out of the game.

If the path tile crashes you into another player…you are both out of the game.

Last person on the board… wins.

What is the Dragon Tile for?

Because players are continually drawing Path Tiles, it is very possible for the pile to run out. The first person who can’t draw is given the Dragon Tile. This serves as a marker to let everyone know that when tiles return to the pile, this player chooses first. (Cards are returned to the pile by players who fall out of the game).

Who Can Play Tsuro Game of the Path Strategy Board Game

The box says that this is a game for players 8 and up. Personally, I think this game could be managed by younger kids. No reading, no counting, and the only strategy is keeping your Marker on the path and on the board. Older children and adults may be better at realizing strategy (to foil another player), but this really is a game for the whole family.

We’ve even taken it to a coffee house and played there. The game isn’t tiny, but it’s small enough to stay on the table.

(One more thing… this game drives a friend of ours crazy, he LOVES to play, he just hates when other people haphazardly lay down tiles and DON’T NEATEN THE ROWS. Honestly, his OCD tendencies drive everyone a bit bonkers….Carcassonne is just as bad!!)

Find Tsuro and the next level Tsuro of the Seas Here

tsuro game path strategy board gameTsuro: The Game of the Pathtsuro game path strategy board gameTsuro of the Seas

Tsuro Game of the Path Strategy Board Game

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