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hiss color matching game

hiss matching gameGamewright Hisss Card Game

The Hiss matching game is  great for little ones, and so much fun that even the older kids will play without protest. The object of the game is to build snakes out of colored snake pieces printed on hard cards.

How to play the Hiss Matching Game

Start by shuffling the 50 snake cards, and put them in a pile. (The instructions say to fan them out, but I find that gets a bit messy, so we go with the pile method).

Turn the top card over to reveal a snake part… set it in the middle of the play area.

The first player picks a card, and either connects it to the existing snake by matching the color, or starts a new snake. Snakes are added on to until they are complete . Each snake needs one head, one tail, and at least one middle… but most get much bigger.

Snakes have loads of different colors that fade from one to other. Some pieces are striped like a rainbow… these are considered “wild cards”

The person who adds the card that completes a snake gets to keep the whole snake.

Game ends when all the cards are used up, note… some of the snakes may remain unfinished.

The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins. NOTE- winning the most snakes may not mean having the most cards… sometimes its luckier to get one extra long snake.

I would suggest getting 2 sets if your kids enjoy this game… it makes it last longer…. and the snakes could get bigger!


Who Can Play the Hiss Matching Game?

This is a great color matching game, and it’s engaging for almost all ages (the company says 3 to 15…which might be pushing.. but my teens will play with the little ones).

Where Can I Buy the Hiss Matching Game?

hiss matching gameGamewright Hisss Card Game

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