Go Away Monster Board Game

go away monster board game

Go Away Monster Board GameGo Away Monster Board Game

I was delighted to learn that the Go Away Monster Board Game is back in print. For too long, we were unable to find it anywhere… and it is one of our go-to-game-gifts for very young children.

Go Away Monster is a great game for teaching shapes and matching. (Not to mention the concept of TAKING TURNS).  While the kids are learning, they are also banishing monsters from the room!

My kids all adored this game… in fact, my daughter now takes it with her when she goes to baby-sit. The kids are delighted to do something other than watch TV, and they LOVE to play this silly game.

How Does the Go Away Monster  Board Game Work?

Each player is given a board with a picture of a bedroom on it. Pieces of furniture are outlined. A bag of pieces is passed around. Players reach into the bag and try to feel for a specific “furniture” piece to fit the outlines…. BUT be careful! You might get a monster on your turn instead! Then you shout (or use an inside voice…) and say “Go Away Monster!”, thus banishing it from the room.

Two Levels of Play

Because not all kids are ready for competition… you can play Go Away Monster Board Game 2 ways-

  1. Simply Play- Pass the bag around. Each player draws a piece… if it fits on their board, they keep it. If not, it goes back in the bag and then gets passed along. If it’s a monster yell “go away monster!” Game ends when everyone has filled their board.
  2. Competitive Play- Pass the bag around drawing out pieces as before. One per turn. This time, the first person to complete their board wins.
Go away monster board game

If you Pull a Bed or a Lamp, put it on your board.
If you draw a MONSTER!

What Comes with the Go Away Monster Board Game?

go away monster board game

What Comes With the Game Go Away Monster

In the box you get

4 Player Bedroom Boards

4 Each of the Bedroom Furniture Pieces

8 Monsters!

1 bag to hold the pieces


Who is Go Away Monster Best For?

This game is fun for kids 3 to 6. It’s a great game for matching shapes. And the Monsters are fun…



Go Away Monster Board GameGo Away Monster Board Game



Go Away Monster Board Game

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