Princess and the Pea Board Game

princess and the pea board game

Princess and the Pea Board GamePrincess and The Pea

The Princess and the Pea Board Game is such a cute game for kids who love Princesses! (Or bed…that would be me…) It’s a simple game of counting and following instructions. (Because of this, I’d rank it well above Pretty Pretty Princess as an educational tool)

How to Play Princess and the Pea

Lay out the long game board, and set the colorful mattresses beside it. Each player then chooses a colored mattress for themselves.

The game board is a straight line of colorful mattresses with printed with instructions. Each player Princess spins the spinner and moves forward that number.

Once on the space, the player will follow the directions on the square. Players will add or subtract plastic mattresses….or even take them from another player! The pile of mattresses grows (and even shrinks) as the game goes on.

When your pile of mattresses reaches the Crown space at the end of the board, you wait until all of the other players arrive. The winner has the most mattresses in the end when everyone reaches the Crown space. Getting there first in not important.

Who Can Play Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea board game is fairly simple, but there is some reading involved. In fact, I think my only real complaint about the game is that it’s a bit too easy of a game for the players who could easily read and follow the instructions. The younger kids, who really enjoy the game, may need help.

My daughters loved playing this game.. both the regular by the rules way… and they liked just playing with the beds that come with the set.

This game teaches taking turns and some basic counting. It’s colorful… and there is a princess theme… Some reading is required.

Princess and The Pea

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