What Board Game Do You Want to Play?

what game do you want to play

gamesIn my world, you never heard, “do you want to play a board game?…. it was always, “what board game do you want to play?”

You see, I come from a family of game players. From the time I could hold cards or roll dice, I was playing games.  When I got to be a teen, the gaming didn’t slow down, it just shifted a bit…not to computer games or arcades, but to role playing games and strategy games. Now, as an adult, I still love games, and I love sharing them with friends and my kids.

Whenever the family comes together, we play. All kinds… board games, card games, strategy games, trivia and group games where everyone can get loud. Every year at Christmas, we give new games to each other. And Birthdays? Birthdays are prime game giving time. And we’re not talking just games for kids, or games for adults,these are games for the whole family that’s a game that everyone… from my mother down to my youngest daughter can play and enjoy together.

These are not electronic games, these are games that gather the whole family around the table. Some are board games, some have tiles, some have dice…. and of course, others have cards. We laugh, tell stories, kibbitz, heckle, and just have a fantastic time playing together.

Because that’s the key, isn’t it? Being together?

I’ve reviewed a number of board games that we really like to play. Because there are all ages and levels of game players in our family, I’ve tried to cover a wide range of games. There are simple games for little kids and basic board games where you roll dice and move. But there are also strategy games and Euro games for the player who wants to take gaming to the next level.

Look around, I’m sure you’ll find some games for your family and friends to play too.

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