Dice Games

zombie dice game review

cthulhu diceDice games, quite obviously, are games that use dice as the primary game component. Usually to randomize outcome.

Some use numbers, others symbols… others use dice as the way of indicating action.

Games like Farkle and Yahtzee use numbers to press your luck.

Cthulhu Dice and ZOmbie Dice have symbols attached… and have a bit of a gambling element.

King of Tokyo incorporates dice as a central device… but also has other components.

Many RPGs (Roll Playing Games) use dice to determine outcomes. Statistics and percentiles are rolled to see if you live or die…

A Dice Tower can be useful for playing a Dice Game. And it’s a good idea to store your dice in a dice bag.


Personally, I love dice games, and always have one or more in my purse, to play wherever I may be.